Personalizing Your Health Treatment Could Save Your Life

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The modern medical industry focuses mainly on cures for existing diseases based on generic protocols that are meant to work for everyone. But this one-size-fits-all approach neglects to recognize that we are all unique and therefore have different medical needs.

Imagine two women: Andrea and Francesca, both of whom are 33 years of age and suffering from minor cardiovascular issues. Both have higher than normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure, so many doctors would prescribe a similar treatment of a low saturated fat and low salt diet as a way to prevent future problems. But good health should go far beyond that.

Imagine you got deeper insights into the form and structure of their bodies and the natural way their bodies are at heir strongest or weakest based on their genetic predisposition and years of habits and tendencies that contributed to the health conditions they now have. This is where you’d learn that Andrea has a mesomorph biotrend and learn abou her ancestry, genetic tendency and predisposition to disease that include liver issues. This information indicates that a liver cleanse may be the best initial treatment to give Andrea, since it’s her sluggish liver that is most likely causing high cholesterol flowing through her veins and arteries. Her type A personality traits contribute to her high blood pressure when under stress, which she often creates herself. Teaching her about her natural tendencies, as well as approaches and environments that work well for her can reduce her stress levels and can ultimately contribute to helping her regulate her blood pressure.

On the other hand, Francesca’s body has an endomorph biotrend with a predisposition to obesity and diabetes. Francesca’s cause for high cholesterol and blood pressure is most likely related to a risk of diabetic dyslipidemia. Her body isn’t turning food into energy properly and tends to store resources. Her tendency for insulin resistance is resulting in higher blood glucose and triglycerides. So modifying Francesca’s eating habits with a focus on healthy foods that have a low glycemic index and encouraging daily moderate exercise for 45-60 minutes at a time would be the best approach for her.

But this is just skimming the surface. Both Andrea and Francesca have different needs and personalities, so different approaches need to be used to help them achieve their goals. Andrea’s go-getter attitude and keep-busy approach to life is best suited for a structured approach in which she can wake up early, have lemon-water 30 mins before her morning porridge (part of her liver cleanse diet), do some super intense exercise for 20 minutes in the morning before accomplishing her tasks throughout the day and go to bed by 10 or 11pm.

Francesca, however, needs to take her time in the morning and not stress herself too much so she can enjoy her morning routine with her egg white omelette breakfast, prepare a healthy lunch that contains plenty of vegetables, workout for 60 minutes at a moderate intensity in the early afternoon, and enjoy a relaxing family meal in the evening. Low-stress conditions help Francesca prevent stress-eating, yet being surrounded by loved ones and meaningful activities helps her prevent eating from boredom.

Two women of the same age, racial background and health concerns would benefit most from very different approaches to health and wellbeing. Who would have thought? The modern medical system has taught us many things about health and disease but it’s time to take it one step further and integrate a more holistic approach. One easy way to this is by using technology, like ph360 and ShaeTM, that provides the information and advice for you with minimal effort. Applying what’s best for one’s body composition and individual needs is the best way for both Andrea and Francesca to achieve their health goals in a way that suits them best personally. The key is recognizing that, even though they may seem like they are quiet similar, they are actually very different and have different needs.

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