ph360 has been closely monitoring the facts surrounding COVID-19 including key members of the ph360 Medical Team based in Italy at the front-lines of a global COVID-19 vaccination task-force. As experts in immunity and precision medicine, the facts are: 

  1. There is currently no COVID-19 vaccination or pill available.
  2. WHO and governmental authorities have helpful recommendations on how to minimize the risk of spreading this virus in public places.
  3. Your best line of defense against COVID-19 is your own immune system.

There are many decisions and actions each of us can take to share the responsibility for minimizing the spread and threat of the virus publically, privately, and personally. 

Decisions and actions are your choice.  

By choosing to strengthen your immune system against the virus, you are decreasing the mortality rate of this illness.

By acting responsibly with social distancing measures, you are lowering the contagion factor.

Your decisions directly and immediately impact the effect COVID-19 has on you, your community and the rest of the world – loved ones, neighbors, strangers, all facing the same generated fear of pandemic.   


Choosing to fortify your personal immune system boosts its disease-fighting power and resilience, making you less susceptible to infection. You have the power to prevent infections from entering your body, or maximize your recovery rate if they do

Each decision you make has the power to take you closer, or farther away from a healthy immune defense system. The world needs you to make choices that:

  • Strengthen your body’s natural defense system.  
  • Follow your personalized health recommendations to decrease your risk and increase your resilience.

ph360 is choosing to advance the COVID-19 discourse by leading and encouraging trusted sources of healthcare information to empower individuals with relevant and credible immunity advice. It is time to expand the focus of a coordinated COVID-19 response from public action to personalized prevention.

ph360 founder, Matt Riemann, and ph360 Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alberto Garoli comment on the latest COVID-19 facts from the medical front lines, with immunity-boosting tips:

If you would like more information on how you can boost your immune system you can read and join in here.

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