Just as your mind has a personality, so too does your body – and yours is completely unique to you! To be truly healthy and happy, your body and mind need to be “on the same wavelength”. Knowing your body profile can help you to get and stay healthy – for good!

“…a healthy hippo certainly isn’t just skin and bones.”

Looking into the animal kingdom, it’s obvious that a healthy hippo certainly isn’t just skin and bones. Just as a fat puma couldn’t hunt well. The key is knowing what your body profile is and doing whatever it wants to be happy and healthy, rather than what everyone else thinks you should be doing! There is no perfect shape and size for everyone, just a perfect shape and size for you!

How you look, how you feel, the texture of your skin, the color of your eyes – it all says something about your health and happiness. This is actually science – endocrinology, embryology, anthropometry, and many more of these ‘body reading’ sciences have been around for centuries. Now it’s finally been integrated with technology so you can have all the information you need about your body profile at your fingertips!

“Imagine knowing that you don’t have to squeeze into the flamingo suit because you’re actually at your healthiest being a monkey!”

Knowing your body profile means you have the freedom to be healthy and happy the way your body intended you to be! Finding out your body profile is much more in-depth than a simple personality quiz – it takes into consideration who you are today, signs and symptoms from your body, your ancestry, your lifestyle and creates an in-depth picture of the current activation of your genes. You can know exactly what time of day to eat, what to eat, what type of exercise to do, where to live, when to detox, and so much more just by knowing your body profile! It takes about 30 minutes (and a tape measure) and it tells you everything you need to know to stop worrying about diet and exercise, and start living your truly abundant life! Find out more about discovering your body profile at ph360.me and enjoy the new advancements with ShaeTM for optimal health without thinking at all!

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