Getting healthy has many advantages, but some of the benefits that many people don’t think about is how being well affects your mood, productivity, confidence and spirituality. It true that the better your health, the better your attitude. Many people believe the opposite is true as well; the better your attitude, the better your health. I believe both are correct, but what I can tell you for sure is something that I see happening all the time. When people get well, they have more energy, they sleep better, their mood is more joyous and their confidence is higher. Just those benefits alone have a big impact on a person’s life, work, relationships and productivity. People become more able to follow their dreams when they have more energy and a happier outlook. Many areas of life can improve all at once, and who knows how much of it happened just by focusing on taking care of our health.

The biggest message here is that one thing affects the whole and everything affects everything else when it comes to the mind and the body. Holding a grudge affects your body, mind, mood, health, energy level and holds back some possibilities. Loving your life propels you forward, boosts your serotonin and oxytocin and gives you energy, motivation, and excitement. Everything you do impacts you, from the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, to the shows you watch and the thoughts you think.

When it comes to feeling well, health can impact your spirituality as well. I see people feeling better and looking deeper, wondering what matters to them, how they are impacting the world and the people around them. They are asking how they can help people and share the ideas of health with others. Getting well is much greater than losing weight, looking younger and living longer. It is far more about living better, with more quality, clarity and joy. When you look at why you want to choose good food to eat and to exercise more, know that those choices are reaching into every area of your life. Every thought about being well and every choice has some effect on the whole picture; and you are painting the picture.

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