Last month, a study at the University of Melbourne revealed that we might be thinking about weight loss all wrong. Current guidelines, which emphasize the necessity of gradual weight loss, may not be accurate. But fast weight loss isn’t the answer either. So what is? A lifestyle that will help people keep weight that’s lost off for good. A deeply challenging feat, as most dieters know.

Senior study author Joseph Proietto, Sir Edward Dunlop Professor of Medicine, explained that his study revealed rapid weight loss was just as difficult to maintain as gradual weight loss. These results point to the importance of ongoing efforts to maintain weight loss, which ph360 addresses via personalized diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Reuters reported, “Researchers say the small study shows that current guidelines advising slow and steady weight loss should be revised, and the focus should be instead on improving methods for helping people maintain their weight over the long term.” The results revealed that gradual weight loss had almost the same rate of recurring weight gain as rapid weight loss.

This research reinforces the holistic lifestyle approach that ph360 takes to weight loss. While genetic components are always at play in disease, epigenetic factors like diet and exercise must be taken into account for a truly healthy approach to lifestyle change.

Though Proietto was particularly focused on the potential importance of appetite suppressing drugs in maintaining weight loss, he also acknowledged, “drugs are not essential for achieving weight loss.” Instead, lifestyle tools that help people struggling with weight loss to take daily action towards prevention and weight loss maintenance may be most effective.

ph360’s personalized lifestyle plans promote systemic balance in order to maximize weight loss over a lifetime, allowing you to take small steps everyday towards the life and body that you want. And though users have seen remarkable results with their health—from extreme weight loss to the end of migrainesinsomniaskin problemsdigestion issues, and even serious illnesses like cancer—the emphasis is always on a 360º approach.

Every person will need a unique diet and exercise plan in order to reach their health goals. And those plans will change over time, depending on environment, profession, and many other factors. Dieters will finally have an ally in determining the best ways to lose weight on a day-to-day and even moment-to-moment basis.

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