Secret’s Out – You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Eat Healthy!

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By Pam Lob

Don’t go to your Doctor to learn about health and wellness as what they are taught is about disease and sickness!

Medical training typically only teaches new doctors a couple of hours on nutrition and even nutritionists are taught a one size fits all approach on what we should eat. The result is endless fad diets that fail over 85% of the time, advice to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day and headlines to eat the latest discovered superfood.

No food is super for everyone!

Every one of us on this beautiful planet is unique, including identical twins, as it is our environment that determines who we are not our genes. Therefore what foods your body needs for optimal nutrition and health are unique to you, so any of the endless different diets out there may work for some people to an extent as they may have hit on most of the right foods for them by chance.

On the flip side, the wrong foods can actually be a very big detriment to our biochemistry, our neurochemistry, affecting the way our brain works, our energy levels, our sleep patterns and even more significantly cause pain and disease.

To optimise your health and prevent future disease what you need to know is what are the right foods for YOU. You need an eating plan that is personalised for you and your body’s needs right now.

How do you find out what the right foods are for you?

1. By doing an elimination diet and then gradually reintroducing foods and listening to your body as you do so it’s possible to work out what foods are good for you and which aren’t. This exercise can take weeks and you need to be good at noticing the subtle messages your body is telling you. It’s easy to tell what foods you are allergic to as they make you very sick, but intolerances can be very subtle. The elimination method also fails to pick up foods that you don’t react to but are still not right for you right now or how the properties of food change during different cooking methods.

2. You can also turn to technology that can do all the hard work for you. It is more accurate and even tells you the right way to prepare the foods, and how your diet needs altering if you change climates for a holiday or house move or the seasons change. This is not a dream for the future but something that is already available to you today.

Introducing ph360 and Shae™

ph360 is a personalised health program that has helped thousands of people over the last couple of years to improve their health with a personalized food plan, exercise plan and suggestions on lifestyle choices based on their current gene expression. Your gene expression can be determined by body measurements and a comprehensive health questionnaire that gets fed into a computer program that runs hundreds of algorithms to produce a lifestyle plan that is personalised for YOU.

ph360 has been developed by top scientists and medical professionals and combines ancient and modern medical knowledge including genetics and epigenetics (how the environment affects your gene expression).

Shae is still in the beta testing phase and has been dubbed ‘Siri for your health’ as it will talk to you in real time to offer suggestions on what to eat today, what local restaurant are serving foods that match your food plan and will even order a take away, or provide recipes to cook. Besides looking after what you eat, Shae, like ph360, will offer ways to improve your mood, sleep and what exercise will make you feel good right now.

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