In today’s world we have lots of marketing and messaging sent to us via TV, radio, Internet, email and signs posted everywhere that tell us about products to consume. What is missing from many of these messages is a genuine concern for the health of those that ingest these products. Today more than ever we need people who are advocates for the health of their own bodies, for the health of their families and the health of the human race.

It’s not always easy to have a conversation with family and friends about what is good for them to eat. Sometimes your best intentions can come across as overbearing or controlling. However, there are many people in the world that are seeking answers to health and looking for educated people to help them get those answers. They’re looking for health coaches, nutritionists and knowledgeable advocates for health. Many people are looking the next generation of health coaches. Is that you? At PH360 we train health practitioners, doctors, and lay people about the different body types which each have unique health needs. We have a sophisticated software program that takes a detailed evaluation of each person, including medical markers, lifestyle and more and it calculates exactly how they should eat, exercise, live and work to optimize their health and how to find out the unique needs of their body.

Sometimes people are seeking answers for the optimal diet and exercise program and they don’t want to necessarily listen to a family member, but they will listen to a trained professional who has great information backed by science and thousands of successful testimonials. This is something that PH360 is able to provide the world through a complex software with a many algorithms calculating specifics for each person. The program uses ten different sciences and applies them to the unique properties of individual people. This program gives health coaches and healthcare professionals the right information to convey to a client interested in improving their health. All the data is backed by science and proven success.

PH360 is looking for coaches interested in a part-time or full-time career to spread the message of creating a world of healthy people. If helping others find well-being feeds your spirit, visit us at  for a list of the upcoming trainings. The world needs passionate advocates ready to share this transformational personal health solution. You can help simply by sharing our blog.

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