Why is it that ‘superfoods’ can be SUPER for some people and NOT so super for others?

Simply because we are all different. We all have the same building blocks – bones, skin, muscles, blood, etc. But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty details, all those building blocks are placed in a slightly different way. Just like different house designs, we also have different bodies!

It means that we’ll grow into a shape or size, we’ll have different features, and it even comes down to the things we find easy to do and how we prefer to socialize. 

Even though we are all human beings, that deserve the same respect with the same rights, we are all very different when it comes to how we like to live, our contribution to society, and how we stay healthy. This is nothing new – in fact, ancient civilizations knew this and used it every day, however, today, we seem to have opted more for what works for the ‘norm’, following generalizations, trends and doing ‘what other people do’ because we want to be like them. 

What’s wrong with that, you ask? 

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with it but it does tend to ‘put a lid’ on each one of us, meaning that we don’t often reach our full potential because we’re trying to be like someone else. 


We are social beings, and we all feel the desire to ‘fit-in’ to some extent, whether it’s family, social groups, clubs, or communities.

Firstly, let me say that we ALL fit-in with the fact that we are human beings, with hearts and feelings and skills and knowledge, each one of us together on this remarkable journey we call life! From there it gets a little more complicated. Often we choose to try and fit where we’re not necessarily built to go, like putting a square peg in a round hole.

Take, for example, the shape of our body. Some of us are built skinny, some of us are built curvy and lots in between. If we all wanted to be one way, this leads to us unrealistically comparing ourselves to other people, and, for some people, a whole downward spiral of self-esteem and more. Unfortunately, we see this everywhere today, from young children to adults and it can create emotional and physical turbulence through all stages of life. 


There is no reason why we need to be exactly like another person. We have our own unique gifts – that may well be very similar to some people – and every one of us has a valuable contribution to our society. We are ALL needed to make the world go ‘round. 


1. Choose a role model who is like you

When it comes to emulating a role model or wanting to be ‘like’ someone else, it’s important to choose someone that is actually like you!

When you find someone who is similar to you in shape and size, you can bet that you’ll have other things in common too. Simple things like how you get motivated and how you relax best. This comes from your body – one body is not better than another and it’s not something that you need to change, simply understand. 

For example, some bodies are naturally sensitive to the hormone Dopamine, which means that they are motivated by things like achieving, crossing off to-do lists and setting goals. Other bodies might be more naturally sensitive to different hormones, for example, Prolactin. A body sensitive to Prolactin might be motivated more by helping people, nurturing or caring for someone else rather than by setting and achieving goals. In certain circumstances, these two people may have different ways of doing things – and disagree on which is best – citing that their way works best for them – and this is GREAT! Because the techniques to get through daily life that one of these people uses, will most likely NOT be helpful for the other.

The key is to understand that there is a difference between people and finding someone like you is, will help you to develop your skills in a natural way that comes easily to you.

2. Embrace your body and learn how it’s different to others

The key here is to understand that we ARE different. Comparing ourselves to someone else is actually like comparing one breed of dog to another, yes they’re all dogs but they each have different temperaments, personalities, shapes, sizes, etc. 

Every body has different strengths and weaknesses. Some get along better in the heat, others in the cold. Some like to be touchy-feely, others prefer personal space. Some are logical thinkers, others can’t make sense of logic at all. None of these preferences are better or worse, they are just different, and each serves its purpose perfectly within a society that allows us all to be who we are.

If you understand the people in your life better – why and how they do what they do, it can dramatically reduce tension, improve communication and you can even end up ‘getting’ people you didn’t understand before – maybe even have a laugh about your differences over a beer instead of fighting or ignoring each other. Imagine the effect that might have on a global scale.

If you want to give it a go and find out how you’re different (and similar) to the people around you, start with The HealthType Course. It’s a short online course that breaks down different types of bodies with a simple system called ‘HealthTypes’. You can discover how each person in your life eats, plays, thinks, thrives, lives and loves, naturally.

3. Live your way and love it!

When you do what is right for your body, it will support you in every way that it can. That might be with fewer illnesses, a stronger immune system, clearer thinking, smoother skin, more empathy, and even unleashing your natural genius. All of that and more is waiting for you inside your body. It’s how you are built. All you need do is make the choice to embrace it. 

You can reduce pressure, relieve tension and feel the relief wash over you as you start to do things the way nature intended. Does that sound a little dramatic? Perhaps, but it’s true. 

Imagine buying a smart car to go 4-wheel-driving. You wouldn’t do it, would you? Because it is not designed for the job. Sure, you could make lengthy modifications to make it capable of the task, but that would be a long and arduous route to take.

A smart car is built for maneuvering around cities with little space. A Landrover is built to get through rugged terrain in the outback. When you choose the one that is built for the job, life suddenly gets much easier. 

Recognizing and living a life in harmony with how you are built can give a whole new meaning to purpose in your life. It means you don’t need to do those hard, time-consuming modifications because you simply do what you are built to do, because you’re built perfectly for who you are.


When we are blessed with the opportunity to choose our lifestyle, with it comes a responsibility to be the best contribution to our society as a whole. That simply means getting to know who we are, and supporting ourselves the best way possible, because, in doing so, we support everyone around us to do the same. 

That’s the work that we do – supporting you to be who you are. So if you want to delve deeply into who you naturally are, ph360 is the only platform that gives you precision personalized insight into the foods, lifestyle and support that your body wants today. 

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