How is your sleep? Are you getting enough of it? As you know, having enough sleep is vital for good health and well being. When and how much sleep you need may vary from person to person. If your ph360 power hour is during the night, this is that time that your body needs its power to rejuvenate and you really need to be asleep at this time. If you are not sleeping well at this time, something is out of balance, so check that you are eating the right foods, getting exercise and are not stressed. If things don’t settle within a couple of weeks, it might be worth getting a session with one of the ph360 coaches.

If you are having difficulty in falling asleep, or wake in the middle of the night, the trick to going to sleep is not trying to sleep. What is most likely to keep you awake is the longing to sleep because you need to be alert in the morning. The more you try the less likely it is that you will fall asleep, so be OK with being awake.  Here are other suggestions to help you enjoy your rest:

  • As much as possible stick to a regular bedtime routine
  • Avoid exercising within 4 hours of going to bed, (for most biotypes, not all)
  • Don’t do emails in the hour before going to bed
  • As you get into bed, write down 5 things you are grateful for today.  Try not to repeat any.
  • Keep a notebook beside your bed to jot down anything that suddenly comes to mind and is keeping you awake.
  • Don’t drink, or keep alcohol to the minimum. Look where it appears in your ph360 food list.  Alcohol can make it easier to fall asleep initially, but the quality of sleep is poor and you are more likely to wake in the middle of the night and then have difficulty in going back to sleep.
  • If you are having difficulty switching off your mind or are lying there worrying: Take your awareness to your body and do some progressive muscle relaxation where you tighten and release your muscles from your feet upwards.
  • Do a mental chant such as repeating ‘om’ over and over.
  • Count your breaths.  Either count each in and out for a count of about 4 or 5 what is most comfortable for you or count each in and out.  If you lose count, just start again.
  • Listen to a story CD or talking radio program
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Write down your thoughts.  This can be done in the dark as it is the act of writing that counts not what and how you have written it.

As you follow your ph360 program and your health and well-being becomes balanced you will find that your sleep will well and start to wake at a time that is natural for your body type.

Sleep well and sweet dreams xx

Pam Lob

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