In developed nations, we live in total abundance. Almost everything available in the world is obtainable from a few clicks of the mouse, including food, clothing and housing. In America, we also live in a nation with a health crisis and chronic disease is an epidemic. In a nation where food is always available to anyone with an income, the majority of the dying are not dying out of starvation. In America they’re dying from eating what they believe to be food. Unfortunately, although we are educated on many valuable topics, we are not educated about nutrition. What many people don’t know is that the food they are eating is full of stuff that is not food.

A lot of what is stored on the grocery store shelf, especially in the freezer section, is full of  many chemicals and other products and does not offer the body much nutritional value. People are dying, disease is prevalent, because we are not eating whole, nutritious foods.

Owning a nice home, nice cars, having several televisions, doesn’t matter much if you’re living with advanced diabetes. Ten thousand (10,000) Americans die each day from diabetes.  Ten thousand died today and ten thousand will die tomorrow and the next day. Thirty thousand Americans die daily of a heart attack.

We need to address this issue is head-on. It’s time for us to educate our children, our family members, friends, about the importance of eating food that has a nutritional benefit to the body. So many of us are motivated to be well, but we also find it a struggle to eat foods that make the body healthy. Eating well is inconvenient and time-consuming and more expensive. However, if we are to thrive as a people, and continue to increase longevity as a society, then we must put an emphasis on eating a whole, natural, pesticide free, chemical free, nutrient rich food. No longer should we be consuming products that are making corporations rich but are not benefiting the body.

Fortunately for all of us, people are beginning to vote with their dollars and companies are responding to the demand for healthier products on the shelf. This allows us to have some convenience, and nutrition as well. But all of us will gain the most value from our food if we eat what is fresh, not what is pre-prepared. We need to eat whole foods, picked as fresh possible, without additives.

Some people are finding it challenging to be motivated to eat a nutrient rich diet. Our bodies get addicted to the salt and sugar in the pre-packaged meals. However, with some disciplined and commitment, our bodies can let go of our addictions to poor quality food, and embrace the taste and joy of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and humanely raised animals. It starts with each of us making choices. It is possible to shift how the body feels quickly by eating a nutritious diet. Eating a variety of carefully chosen organic foods can improve your life, well-being, energy level and mood significantly.

I encourage you to make your commitment today to consume the products that the body wants to have, share your thoughts and ideas with others, encourage your family to do the same, and vote with your dollars that we want healthy, chemical-free food products so that we can thrive as a species more than just financially, but with greater longevity, improved vitality, and more energy.

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