My baby will be arriving very soon, in just a week or so – though as the child of a Sensor and Activator, he’ll make his entrance whenever he wants to! Looking back on my journey, I’ve found this final month or so to be when I’ve felt the strongest and sweetest I ever have.

I wrote about how I’ve shifted through various dominant hormones, interestingly linked to Health Types’ patterns different to my own. I’ve been in ‘Connector Phase’ for a couple of months now, with a dominance of oxytocin – the love hormone.

I have become far more affectionate and gentle. I used to get a bit righteously ruffled when I was accused of being aloof, or distant. As a Sensor, I was being my natural self, feeling everything incredibly deeply, just not showing it in the way many people express or perceive it (particularly Activators, Connectors, Guardians and Diplomats!)

Where well chosen words carried infinite meaning for me, for most of the other types, physical actions and displays carry much more, because that’s where they’re felt. I knew this, in theory, but it’s not until I’ve really become this, that now I can say I really understand it. A beautiful Connector told me, “You’re so sweet now!” Coming from her, the epitome of sweetness, I couldn’t hope for a greater compliment.

A side effect of all this oxytocin, has been how I feel about food. I’d lived with all sorts of food sensitivities that I’d become quite practical and resigned to the fact that I just ate to live, my logical mind handling this pretty well. Then for the first 6 months of pregnancy food and I didn’t really get on too well – usually a fight with one of us getting evicted…

But, at last, in the final months, I’ve finally loved food. Not just enjoyed and appreciated it – loved it. I really understand now why having positive, visceral experiences around food is so incredibly vital for Connectors, Guardians and Diplomats especially. Food really can make you feel good. And it can also make you miserable, even if there’s nothing logically wrong with it.

A practical, nutritional meal would have been fine for me before – and is fine to fuel my Activator husband – but I found myself just feeling sad at the thought of simple food. Actually feeling it. I never thought a suggestion of steamed vegetables would make me teary. But creating colourful and varied dishes that look, smell and taste beautiful makes me feel genuinely happy.

So, for every Connector, Guardian and Diplomat whom I supported to Detox on Retreats last year – I get it. I really get why it was so important that we made those meals as beautiful and happy as we could for you. You need to feel happiness and love around food for it to truly nourish you fully – for you, food isn’t just food, it’s an experience.

Of course, the major thing oxytocin is doing is preparing my body to give birth. Not only does oxytocin provide the waves of love for the bonding of a new baby and mother, it stimulates the waves of contractions that bring baby out. Knowing this is so incredibly empowering, because each time I feel my delicate Sensor body preparing for birth (which though not yet full labour, is still powerful at times) I know it’s waves of the love hormone, bringing my baby even closer to me.

This has been the most powerful and enlightening experience for me as my pregnancy nears its end. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about my size, or any other comparisons anyone makes. I am strong. And I am also soft, and sweet. Literally, with the strength and sweetness of love, I have grown and will birth a baby.

How perfect is it that it is waves of love that will flow my baby into the world. How incredibly perfect is the unique design of each human body.

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