I had this question posed to me recently: Why are you here on the planet, and what are you doing about it?

This isn’t a new consideration for me. As a deeply introspective Sensor, I’ve pondered such things since I could string sentences together. But this year, I’ve been different. 2018 has been my year of transformation, of taking my introspections and turning them into actions. It’s been my time to not just think it, but to really do it and live it – to take flight.

I transformed my life, in almost every way, in answer to that question at the start of the year. I left my successful career as a high school teacher – I loved it, but it wasn’t right for me. I packed up my new house to travel the world – my always-ready-for-an-adventure Activator husband by my side. I became a personalised health coach, immersing myself 100% into living, learning and sharing it. I worked with our leading international Retreats Team, supporting the incredible changes that people make when they are empowered with personalised health.

The sensor who attended a retreat in 2017 in an almost desperate attempt to reclaim her health, is not the same person who then travelled the world helping others in their journeys, and is now sharing her story with you. (Want to know why I made these choices? I’ll be sharing all about my journey in blogs to come – so stay tuned!)

All these changes alone were pretty huge for just one year. But then I had one more shift, surpassing all the others. I became pregnant! Whilst travelling the world, transforming my life. If there’s any sign of my being in health, this is it. And if I needed confirmation that I was making the right choices, then this miracle is that. (You can jump straight into what’s happening in my story here!)

The journey hasn’t all been easy. For a sensor who finds security in logic, planning, calm, independence – my year has hardly been an example of that! But I have made it through. Not like I ‘made it through’ years before – outwardly quite successful, but ultimately clutching at my health. This year, I have been through some of my toughest challenges, but not at the expense of my health – I have thrived through them as a sign of my health.

And so, in the spirit of this being my year of taking action, I was challenged to return to that question: Why are you here on the planet, and what are you doing about it?

I must admit, I was a little exasperated.

Haven’t I been doing it all year, challenging myself and helping people all over the world? Am I not doing it right now? My baby is bouncing around inside me (wonderful, but not always comfortable!) – he’s being nurtured by me with every breath. I’m pretty sure that’s my fundamental reason for being, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing it.

But of course, I can do more. And I want to – for the future for me, for my baby, and for you.

I have always wanted to change the world for the better, with my words. And so, I am sharing my story of transformation, pregnancy and beyond, through the lens of living personalised health. I want to inspire and connect with you, to let you know that it can be done – you can transform your life. Change isn’t easy, or comfortable, or goes the way you planned (don’t I know that well!) – but it can happen. When you put your thoughts into actions, transformation happens.

I am here to share my story, in my personal sensor way, as an inspiration for living and expressing who you are meant to be, to show what the future can look like for all of us.

Stay tuned as I share more about my journey so far, and what comes next! I’d love to connect with you! Follow me and comment on ph360 and my Facebook page and join the conversation!

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