Let’s face it: Sometimes despite our best intentions, we have moments of weakness in the face of sugar. Moments when we just can’t say no to the chocolate, or the piece of cake, or even the super sugary jar of jam in the fridge. And the only thing to do post a sugar binge is to figure out the best way to detox. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Deprivation is not the best way to counter a binge.

When you deprive your body, you actually tend to experience cravings even more intensely, which can lead to yoyo’ing weight loss and weight gain. So instead of countering a sugar binge with a day of fasting, consider implementing a diet that is personalized to your particular nutritional needs.

Cravings and imbalances dissipate when your body is receiving the nutrients you need. Moreover, your digestion and metabolism will improve, allowing your body to release toxins more quickly. Notice which foods make you feel bright and energized, and which result in an eventual crashdullness, or brain fog. Try to incorporate more of the former and less of the latter into your daily routine.

Of course, there are a few key ways to detox your body that are both healthy and effective. Here are our favorites, for those days when you’ve got the sugar blues.

  1. Drink lots of water. Adult humans are at least 50% water; our bodies depend on the fluid for normal processing of nutrientsdigestion, flushing of toxins, and numerous other systemic processes. When we are dehydrated, toxins stay in the tissues and organs of the body longer than they should. So if you’re feeling a little sluggish, start the detox process by making sure you’re well hydrated (and not with a sugary “sports drink”!).
  2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Fresh produce contains plentiful phytonutrients that act as antioxidants in the body. Eating the fruits and vegetables that are best for you can help your blood sugar come into greater balance. And if you’ve really been going overboard with sugar, you can always choose to focus solely on the veggies for a while.
  3. Cut out processed foods. Processed foods like flours and sugars can slow digestion and metabolism, and are often ultimately converted into fats rather than being properly metabolized. Give your body a break by eating whole foods as often as possible.
  4. Sweat. Exercising in the way that’s best for your body and breaking a sweat is a fantastic way to eliminate unwanted toxins. Just remember to replenish fluids—see #1!
  5. Spend time in a comforting environment. Remember to give yourself a break—if you’re feeling more internal, spend some QT alone in a place that’s relaxing to you. It’ll help your body reset and recharge.

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