Just ten to twenty years ago the major consensus was that we couldn’t change our genetic destiny, that we are born with the genes we have and there is little we can do to impact our health and lifespan. This was the general agreement even though in the 1940’s and 1950’s several scientist were already reporting to the world that genes are either active or inactive and that this is determined by the lifestyle choices we make every day.

You Have Genetic Choice

Epigenetics can sound like an intimidating concept, but it simply means that you can control your genetic destiny by the choices that you make every day. What a beautiful discovery! Your health is within your influence and there are choices that you can make to have more vitality, stronger legs, a supple spine or healthier hair. There are literally hundreds of choices you make that impact your gene expression, such as your thoughts, emotions, diet, fitness, social circle, family traditions, privacy, freedoms, environment and more.

For simplification, let’s focus on one of the biggest impacts on your genes – food. What you eat is like a language that talks to and is interpreted by your genes. Food has a major effect on which genes will or will not be activated. For example, we all know that if we eat a diet high in simple, processed sugars and simple carbohydrates we may turn on the genes that activate Type II diabetes. This is a perfect example of epigenetics at work.

But epigenetics can also activate your “good” genes. Here are a few examples of how you can make epigenetics work in your favor through the very foods you eat.

  • Modify what you’re eating based on the climate you’re in. Eat warming foods in the winter and cooling foods in the summer to have more energy and easily maintain your body temperature.
  • Eat the correct amount of calories for your activity level so it is really easy to maintain weight and energy. If you’re moving more, you likely need to consume more calories to make up for all the energy you’ve expended.
  • Eat according to your body’s specific nutritional needs. Choose foods high in quality and also high in nutrients that your body has a tendency to be low in to support its need for vitamins and minerals so it can function properly.
  • Avoid foods that make you feel sluggish, constipated or bloated and that steal away vitality. These tend to be the foods that cause your not-so-good genes to be activated over time.
  • Eat foods that are great for your type of digestion. Because of differences in our genetics, epigenetics, and microbiome we each digest food differently.

How To Decode Your Genes to Control Your Genetic Destiny

Many people are learning about what feels good to their body through trial and error, a method which is neither accurate nor scientific. There is a way to know the specific lifestyle choices that will optimize your body’s vitality. Modern technology and health science have given birth to an online program that essentially decodes the genes of each individual user. By gathering your personal data, including body measurements and health history, this new program called ph360 tells you which lifestyle choices are most important and effective specifically for you. For the first time ever you can have information from over fifteen sciences applied to your health through a system of complex algorithms that produces the optimal health regime for you. Even better – the next-gen version of of ph360, ShaeTM, will make it incredibly easy to practically apply these insights in daily life.

The great news is that your health is within your control. As long as you make good choices (ie the ones that suit your body), you will enjoy good health. Your energy level, quality of sleep and weight are all determined by hundreds of little decisions you make every day, including your thoughts, your job, the hours you go to sleep, the friends you choose and more. You have the power to make your life what you want. Why not begin today?!

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