Have you been on a diet in the last year? Did you end up more frustrated than you were when you started? Or even worse, did your cravings triple or quadruple in strength, making it almost impossible to stick to said diet? If so, you’re not alone. Numerous studies have found that diets rarely work—especially not in the long term. So what’s a desperate dieter to do? New research shows that there is a way to ditch even the peskiest of cravings and successfully lose weight.

Promising research at the University of Missouri shows that eating protein in the morning can help prevent late-night cravings. A group of young women, all clinically obese, were put on three different breakfast plans ranging from eating nothing to eating varying amounts of protein. Those who ate the most protein had the greatest success losing weight.

The study was coauthored by Heather Leidy, PhD, assistant professor of nutrition at the university’s School of Medicine. Leidy, “says protein appears to jack up the levels of reward hormones in your brain, which help quell your unhealthy cravings.” This is exciting news for dieters who have not previously understood the best times of day to eat, or what to eat in the first place.

In particular, breakfast eaters saw a spike in dopamine levels, a hormone that often affects one’s sense of fullness (and happiness).The young women in Leidy’s study who were not given breakfast experienced a huge increase in cravings for both sweet and savory foods. At the same time, those who ate breakfast were able to radically decrease their cravings.

ph360 is uniquely poised to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals, using the insights of epigenetic science. It’s now possible to know not just what food groups to eat, but which foods, and at what times of day. ph360 takes the mystery out of the dieting process.

As a dieter, you’re at a critical juncture. Yo-yo weight gain and weight loss no longer satisfy. Rightfully, you want a program that works consistently over time. ph360’s FOOD dashboard gives people the tools to understand what kinds of protein are most beneficial for them. Users are seeing extraordinary results because they’re being treated as individuals, not with a one-size-fits-all dieting band-aid.

Ready to transform your own dieting regime and bust cravings for good? Listen to the research and have some healthy protein for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Take things a step further in the right direction and make sure you’re eating the right kind of protein for your body profile by letting ph360.me guide you.

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