By Sophia Godkin, PhD

The majority of people, when asked what they want most in life, respond with “to be happy.”

Yet for most, happiness remains an elusive concept, something foreign, something unattainable.

Given the idea that ‘happiness isn’t out there, it’s in here,’ you begin to get it. Happiness is a choice. And when our experience of ‘in here’ includes harmony within and among not just your mind and heart, but your body too, happiness is the natural result. Modern technology like ph360 can tell you all you need to know for a healthy body, and the new ShaeTM makes it effortless to follow.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways that a healthy body is essential for a happy life

1. Motivation. When your body is healthy, you’re full of energy and zest for life which you can apply to accomplishing your goals. Want to experience the joy of creating a new product that transforms the health of the world? Or of writing your own book that inspires people to live their best lives? A healthy body gets you there.

2. Pleasure. Pleasure is a byproduct of willingness, openness and enthusiasm, which are all results of a healthy, energy-generating body. Have you ever heard someone utter that they are “too tired to get dressed to go out” or “too tired to have sex”? While there is nothing wrong with staying in or saying “no” if a low-key kind of pleasure is what you desire at the moment, there is something right with saying “yes” to your body if an active and energetic life is what you desire.

3. Self-image. When you’re feeling good physically, you’re far more likely to feel good mentally, to think self-affirming thoughts, and to admire and appreciate your body for all that it is. This genuine appreciation flows over into how you perceive other parts of yourself and of your life, leaving you stress-free and grateful.

4. Social relationships. When your body isn’t feeling its best and you’re not enjoying your own company very much, you are more likely to keep to yourself and less likely to make an effort to be around others. When you’re feeling healthy and energetic, you’re more likely to be considerate of and kind to others, and to nurture your close relationships with time and attention, which coincidently make you feel happier too.

5. Hormonal harmony. The internal processes that create health are the very same processes that create happiness. It all comes down to hormonal harmony. Different for everyone, hormonal harmony is achieved via a unique blend of the foods you eat, the ways you move your body, the thoughts you think, the environments you spend your time in, and who you spend your time with. Team up with the new smart health technology ShaeTM  to find the harmonious blend that suits your unique body! The greater your hormonal harmony, the happier you are, and the happier you are, the greater your hormonal harmony. It’s a win-win.

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