The Path of Least Resistance is Actually Good For You!

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We hear so often that taking the path of least resistance is the wrong thing to do. But actually, in so many ways, it’s the perfect thing to do!

Maybe tendrils growing over the path making it almost unwalkable are there for a reason – maybe the path leads somewhere that isn’t good for you and if you go traipsing through with your machete, forcing your way, then maybe you’ll end up somewhere that does you more harm than good!

Let’s take for example, your body.

“Your body is naturally built to do things in a certain way.”

Maybe you have large muscle mass and strong bones so lifting heavy weights is easy for you, or perhaps you naturally have high fat mass so endurance activities seem like a piece of cake because you have plenty of stored energy to see you through.

Are your muscles highly toned naturally and the easiest thing for you to do is react explosively, like a coiled spring?

Perhaps your bones are light and you naturally glide gracefully through a dance pattern or maybe your body thrives being in a state of constant change – so adapting to new situations is easy.

“If your body is naturally made to do certain things with ease – what is the point of fighting it?”

So therein lies the question: If your body is naturally made to do certain things with ease – what is the point of fighting it?

Nature doesn’t do anything randomly. It’s all for a reason. Just as a tree allows its leaves to fall in the autumn to conserve energy so that it survives through the winter, so too does your body have a certain way of doing things that will see you survive – and thrive through life!

The important thing is to find out how YOU thrive – find out what natural skill sets your body has – and use them! Luckily, tools like ph360 can now help you do it and the revolutionary ShaeTM will pretty much do it for you.

When it comes to your body, the path of least resistance can lead you to optimal health. The only trouble is finding the path in the first place, but with tools like ph360 and ShaeTM you know you can throw away your machete for life!

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