Did you know that where your home is located, how it is oriented to the sun, how noisy the neighborhood is, how nosey the neighbors are, and how windy the area is, may all impact your health? It may seem surprising that your immediate environment has a tremendous impact on your energy level, joy and overall vitality. Many people are sensitive to how much light their body receives. Other people are taxed by trying to keep their body warm, which depletes their other resources needed for repair and healing. Even the people who live in your home impact your well-being.

My PH360 profile mentions that it’s critical for me to be able to see nature from my window. How they know that is beyond my comprehension, but it’s absolutely true. If I am unable to see outside and look at trees, birds, water or some form of nature, then I am sad and it’s hard for me to focus. I take periodic breaks throughout the day to look at the trees, the hills or the birds and sky. This gives me strength and energy to continue my work. My PH360 profile also states that I like to surround myself with natural elements, such as plants, rocks and wood. This is also true. I am most comfortable when I have little pieces of nature beside me where I work.

When you review your Place Section, think about ways that you can make the small changes in your profile that will allow your environment to bring you joy and feed your soul. If your PH360 Place profile tells you that you would like things to be organized, then test that out with a spring cleaning and see how that makes you feel. Organizing your surroundings saves you energy and frustration that you could utilize somewhere else. If your profile states that quiet time is important, then find a way to make it so that you get needed time to yourself.

I am astounded at how influential my environment is on my overall vitality and how making a few simple changes improved my well-being. Perhaps it will surprise you as well! It is worth the effort to create an environment that is soothing, supportive and comfortable in order to optimize your health.

If you don’t have a PH360 Profile yet, learn more at www.PH360.me

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