There is a topic that is much on the minds of Americans right now – the Presidential election and the fitness of its candidates to lead the nation. We’ve all heard a lot of promises, read a lot of viewpoints and may have come to some conclusions. Whether you have committed to a candidate or not, we’d like to have a little fun with this and offer some insights into each of them based on ph360 and epigenetics.

ph360 is the only personalized health platform based on scientific calculations of gene expression. Like a user manual for the body, ph360 analyzes each person’s physical traits, health history, environment, lifestyle and ancestry to provide personalized health and wellness advice. From this analysis, a biotype can be identified which can provide insights into the way a person thinks, feels and acts as well as risk factors and recommendations for health and preventative measures.

How does Trump deal with stress?

How does Clinton’s mind work?

How does Sanders problem solve?

What’s Cruze’s work ethic like?

Read on to find out…

Hillary Clinton

Her phenotype is resilient and able to handle stress relatively well, including the ability to travel and deal with complex situations. Her mind is analytical and she is a natural problem solver who can find ways to improve a system or a process by picking up on things other people can’t and tying pieces of a puzzle together to see a larger more complex whole. Her stable, objective and analytical mind will find excellent solutions to difficult problems.

Her digestive system can be slow at times and would take the brunt of her stressful life in office. She would therefore have to make sure she keeps her gut microbiota balanced and healthy, and avoids foods that stagnate in the digestive system (like lots of red meat or refined flour). She should try to get some exercise every other day, perhaps a vigorous walk or maybe even taking meetings outdoors. Her mind will naturally ruminate on problems until she finds a solution she’s satisfied with, so she may encounter disturbances in her sleep.

Bernie Sanders

His biotrend may not be able to handle heavy weights and do heavy lifting, but he has a mind that is naturally structured, logical and ordered. He likes to look for the common ground and can be adaptive to crucial pain points Americans may have, making him appealing to an audience and a great communicator. His phenotype controls the strong ideals he’s always maintained over the years, keeping him consistent with his motto and one-track minded. This is the type of mind that can find solutions to problems, be action-oriented and get things done in efficient ways.

Extreme stress on Sanders can take a toll on his nervous system and skeletal system. He will need to find time to shed away stress, take warm saunas or baths, and relax his central nervous system (brain, neck and back). He would benefit greatly from yoga that would stretch these areas while relaxing his body and mind. He also needs to make sure that he stays well mineralized with plenty of whole grains, since stress can demineralize his bones, joints and teeth and the vitamin B from whole grains can be food for his active mind.

Donald Trump

His body is naturally resistant to stress and this can keep his mind and body balanced when put under pressure. He’s not a sensitive type and least likely to succumb to anxiety or nervousness or get sick after long hard hours of work or even sleepless nights. He can appear calm when need be, has thick skin, and his mental and physical strength makes him a very determined person. The flip side is that this determination can become stubbornness, preventing him from listening to other points of view or approaches to a situation, overconfident and without sound advice from experts can make him quick to imprudent decisions.

Trump will not succumb easily to stress as his body and mind are among the strongest constitutions. Nonetheless, his digestive system and temper are the key signs of the need to take it easy and reward himself for his efforts. Delicious food, sleeping in on a day off, enjoying family or close loved ones and giving himself time to think without interruptions can be essential ways for the body and mind to stay balanced and recuperate after stressful times. His time in office will be busy enough that exercise may not be a priority, but as long as he gets plenty of fresh air (cool breezes help him oxygenate his body) and enjoys moments to relax outdoors (like playing golf or taking long walks), then he’ll be able to stay healthy and strong to meet the challenges of his new responsibilities.

Ted Cruz

His strong and resilient body can be resistant to stress and external influences. He is not likely to fall under pressure, nor would he succumb to anxiety and panic when the going gets tough, and he’s certainly not a pushover by any means. In fact, he can be quite thick-skinned, straightforward and strong-willed when need be. He may present himself as tough, respectable and trustworthy, but he’s also expecting this from his entourage because he needs to have such people to help him achieve his ambitions and visions. The holistic thinking of his phenotype may not always be able to pay close attention to small details so he needs good people around him to pick up those pieces. Nonetheless, he can be very determined, hard working and stern.

Much like Trump, he won’t succumb easily to stress and can work long hard hours better than most other constitutions, but his digestive system and mood are signs to watch for when some need for downtime is near. However he won’t want to take time off unless a job is done to his liking so it may be best to make sure his body remains resistant in all conditions with plenty of fresh air and oxygen with cool breezes on hot muggy days and a balanced gut microbiota with plenty of probiotics.

Much more detailed and accurate predictions for the candidates would be possible if they completed ph360’s health assessment. Using this information would enable the President to better understand his or her own skills and shortcomings and fill supporting roles accordingly. The President would also have all of the information needed to ensure optimal health and therefore maintain optimal performance. That’s what we want from our President and for our President.

You can access your personalized insights and recommendations specific just for your unique body by visiting ph360. And you can get a personal health assistant in ShaeTM to put all those recommendations into practice for you.

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