When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Does the body reflected back to you match the inner vision you have of yourself? Reaching your optimal, healthy weight isn’t always easy. But it’s particularly frustrating when the effort you’re putting in on a daily basis doesn’t match the results you see and feel. If you’re doing “all the right things,” then what’s the real reason you can’t lose weight?

Most people follow diet and exercise plans designed for other people’s bodies, making it nearly impossible to get the results they’re looking for. Every body has a unique genetic blueprint, and distinct nutritionalhormonal, and epigenetic needs. Which is why it makes no sense that the Paleo or vegan diet would work for every single person.

Certain bodies may need more iron than others to function properly, while others may suffer from consuming too much cholesterol. A functional diet is one that is truly personalized, and targeted to fulfill the nutritional needs of the individual while also balancing out their hormone levels.

In the same way, different bodies need different types of exercise to thrive. Developing a toned lower body doesn’t always mean powering through as many squats and lunges as you possibly can. In fact, a physique whose structure isn’t built to handle such deep flexion in the lower body’s joints may suffer pain and inflammation from such an approach. Instead, the best way to exercise is to discover what works for the way you are built.

When your body is finally receiving the nutrients it needs, your metabolism and digestion will function properly, and your hormones will come into balance. Translation: A body that will naturally shed excess weight as fast as it can. Weight loss central!

And when exercise is designed to your specific physical structure, you can more easily and quickly reach the fitness goals most important to you. Movement that is tailored for your body will feel good, instead of like the world’s biggest struggle. ph360 users who are discovering the particular exercises recommended just for them are finding that they no longer have to battle inertia to get to their daily workouts.

How to find out the foods and exercises that work best for you? Take the time to notice how your body feels after eating different foods and exercising in particular ways. And no, we don’t mean the sugar high elation of downing apple cider donuts or the standard post-workout burn you might feel when you work out a muscle. Instead, try to discern if there are certain foods that regularly prohibit your digestion, make you feel sluggish, or mentally dull. And take note of any physical activities that seem to lead to injury on the regular

Ready to take it a step further? Discover your own personalized diet, exercise and weight loss plans today at ph360.me!

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