Do you feel like you have a purpose to fulfill in your lifetime? Do you feel as if there are certain responsibilities for you to achieved or people to influence? Are you pursuing something now that is moving you to accomplish a resolve you feel drawn to?

Some people just know that they need to accomplish something in this lifetime and they have a strong direction for where to go. I am a firm believer in that our destiny lies in what makes us happy and satisfied. I strive to focus the bulk of my energy doing what I love, which is writing and being with my family. I feel that my loved ones are the greatest part of my purpose. I love both so much that I created a vision whereby I could merge them in to my work obligations. I incorporated writing into my profession, and I did the same with my family.

My work roles are diverse. In one of my roles I write books for publication and my sister, and youngest daughter and best friend work with me in the marketing of my books. My mother, aunt and partner edit my books for me, and my oldest daughter does drawing for me that I need for work. In another role, a friend asked me to help out with organizing their company. I helped them hire my middle daughter and son-in-law to work there, and now I can see them more often. One of my son-in-laws owns a company that delivers my spring water to my home and another son-in-law did some work with me at another role in ph360. For the past three years, I was able to work with my best friend in ph360. On some level, I have worked with almost every member of my closest circle which is a huge blessing for me because I get to talk with them and see them more often.

At this stage in my life, work is something I must do, so I have made a conscious effort to merge work with my purpose. Not only has work become more fun, but my reward is exponential. Since I have looked at my work and lifestyle this way, it all seems easier. Yes, it took a little time to transition from working in a more traditional role. But once I put my loved ones into my vision of success, it all came together. Now I am surround by love everyday.

I hope that you too can find what you love to do and then start the process of building your day around what makes your heart sing. You might be surprised at how easy the day flows.

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