That’s you and that’s me too! Amazing isn’t it? Never will there be another created just like us! Although I saw this as a beautiful thing in nature and in others, for years I didn’t see it as a good thing nor admire it in myself. I knew I was different, we all are, but in my case, I certainly wasn’t thinking there was anything special or good about that.

Especially as it applied to my health, being told I was different, unique, felt more like a burden. In my 20s, suffering from an array of ‘female’ problems , ending up in hospital emergency rooms way too often and still finding no answers I felt exhausted fat, frumpy and sad. More often than not, I questioned why I wasn’t like everyone else rather than focusing on what my body needed, what I needed and validating my own unique experience. Being different meant pain, discord and negative attention. Mainstream medicine didn’t acknowledge my differences either, choosing rather, as was the norm at the time, to prescribe a pill rather than seek out the root cause when none seemed easily ascertained. Not their fault – it’s simply how things were done back then but, in many ways, that made me feel worse.

In the end though I feel it was all a gift as it started me on the journey of self exploration, excavation and trust toward better health in all areas of my life. Through countless years reading, researching and focusing on finding that one right diet, supplement, or exercise plan that worked I finally began to see and realize that “one size does NOT fit all”. Also that it wasn’t just about the food, my diet. That my thoughts, my mind, even my environment were affecting my health too. Books like those by Wayne Dyer opened me up toward new ways of thinking, being and eating. Taking bits and pieces from all I read, tweaking it to fit me, and honoring my differences I moved toward and was able to reclaim both my emotional and physical health. Though it was many years before receiving a diagnosis (brain tumor) and subsequent surgery I was able to live, work and even thrive by finally accepting my uniqueness.

Looking back one thing I know for sure is that beating myself up, trying to be like or react the same way as everyone else, actually slowed me down on the journey to recover my own health or discover the reason for my dis-ease, my health issues. It may well have even contributed and exasperated my condition. That is why I tell everyone I know: One diet, one size, one philosophy does NOT fit all.

It’s not about fitting in, fitting the status quo, one prescription, a particular way of being, doing or eating. You are unique! It’s all about listening to yourself, your mind, body and spirit. Finding out what works for YOU! The one right diet – the one right way to be in this world – is the one you custom make, custom fit for you. What lights you up – feeds you? What can you introduce into your day that fills you up, makes you thrive? Start to notice what works for you, what you like. Begin to celebrate your uniqueness and I really believe you will be happier and healthier. Order off the menu of life, and customize it to fit you. It’s an ongoing journey and it can be an amazing, fun, ever expanding one. It doesn’t have to be painful, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

That is what attracted and brought me to ph360. Finally a program (with more data points than I could read/absorb in my lifetime) that takes into account and celebrates our uniqueness. Something that continually evolves with us, as we age, as we move and grow. A program that doesn’t FIT all, it’s custom fit to YOU! An ongoing journey and conversation with yourself, your life and YOU! Try it on for size, see what you think.

By Georgina Ingram

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