You know that pair of jeans we’re talking about: They might not be skinny fit, but they’re your own personal fitness gauge. Your pair of skinny jeans—the ones you can only wear when you fit into them. For many of us, it’s a matter of losing an extra few pounds that won’t seem to budge. If that sounds like you, the real reason you can’t shed the weight is likely in your genes.

The science of epigenetics (the study of how your lifestyle affects the way your genes are expressed) shows that the foods you eat, the way you exercise, and the environment in which you live all affect your DNA. Moreover, different bodies need different types of food, exercise, and climate in order to reach a healthy balance—both internally and externally.

The way that you live and what you eat affects your hormones, and endocrinology shows that hormone production influences everything from mood to disease development. When hormone production is off because you’re not getting the vital nutrients, exercise, or light that you need, it may be much more difficult to lose weight. Individuals who have a thyroid gland dysfunction know exactly how true this is.

But understanding your body’s hormone production isn’t straightforward, or even something you probably spend much time thinking about. Which is where ph360 comes in.

ph360 uses the sciences of epigenetics, endocrinology, and anthropometry (the scientific assessment of your body’s measurements) to help determine exactly what your body needs to thrive. And yes, by thrive we do mean fit into your legendary skinny jeans.

Your body’s measurements are critical markers that correlate to specific health data points, ranging from your human growth hormone and testosterone levels to your predisposition to certain diseases. Using your unique measurements, ph360 is able to recommend the ideal foods and exercises for you to do that will support functional metabolism and healthy weight loss.

What’s the secret sauce? There is no one diet, fitness regimen, or lifestyle plan that fits every body. Just as your genetic blueprint is unique to you, so are your health needs. The personalized health revolution is the beginning of losing weight the only way that really works—the way that’s customized just for you.

So instead of going after the latest diet craze or attempting to spin your way into your skinny jeans, why not take a cue from the genetic code written in every cell of your body. Start today at!

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