I have heard these words many times, and took that as reference to having many experiences in life, to make it interesting.  Since joining ph360 I have a whole new perspective on these words.

Eating a variety of foods – with different textures, colors, smells, the way they grow above or below ground, or on the ground, the parts that are edible, whether they are the leaf, stem, flower, root, stamen, and so forth, gives the nutrient variety that is specific to each plant, and each part of the plant.  Ph360 offers us a wide variety of foods to draw on that are specific to us.  I know not all of them are accessible where we live, but there are many others that are – if not fresh, then possibly canned or frozen.  Fresh is ideal, but not always possible.

I get canned rambuton in the winter but had the chance to taste fresh rambuton in late summer here, and the same with lychee in the spring this year.  I would probably never have thought of eating them before as they were not foods I was brought up with.   I am enjoying these new experiences, and know that my body is too.  But I also notice a change in myself and sense that my hormones are being supported with the many changes in foods that I am now eating.

Our food list will change and can be based on what is it season in our hemisphere where we live.  This ensures we are getting variety too, though it can be somewhat frustrating when it is out of season where you live, but still on your food list.  But something else will show up to explore as the seasons change.

The main thing to remember though is to rotate your foods, and make different combinations together.  Eating the same combinations every day can be boring to your palate.  It is important to introduce a variety of flavors.  This is satisfying to the body mind, but also keeps your microbiome in the gut happy too.  Many of us tended to buy the same things each time we shopped and discovered those foods did not show up on the program when we started ph360.  We probably maxed the nutrient contents of those foods long ago, and our body was trying to cope with the surplus we kept giving it, which is a stressor.  So explore new things, and tastes and textures and your body and mind will feel more satisfied.

The Ayervedic talk about the different flavors, and it is fun to see how many of them you can have present in a meal.  They are Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter and Astringent.  Not all of these will necessarily be present in your ph360 food choices because they each have pretty specific healing properties.  However, when we are in balance they can all be used together in our meals to maintain that balance.   That is already taken in to account within the ph360 program, so we don’t have to think about it or try to figure it out ourselves.  The guess work is gone.  Now go forth and ROTATE and explore, discover and celebrate the new you!

Diannah Elizabeth Benson

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