Helping Veterans Live Longer, Happier & Healthier: How to Eat for Longevity

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Though our country’s veterans are some of our most valuable and highly valued citizens, health care for those returning from war, or in service in the US, has a challenging track record. While considerable strides are being made to make health care services more readily and easily available for our veterans, preventive care measures can make a huge difference as well. In particular, using diet to optimize longevity may support individuals—veterans and non-veterans alike—in living longer, happier, and healthier lives.

The foods we eat influence everything from digestion to skin healthcholesterolheart health, and even the expression of your DNA. The study of how your genes express themselves, and how that expression is affected by your environment, is called epigenetics. Environmental factors include things like where you live and your daily routine, including the foods that you eat.

The research on the negative effects of sugar and processed foods on health is abundant and widely available. But what we don’t know is how different foods affect your body uniquely—differently than anyone else’s. Most importantly, your genes for a variety of health-related factors, such as diseases, may be turned on or off by something as seemingly benign as the food that you eat.

This makes it vitally important to begin paying attention to which foods are beneficial to your health, and which may be causing you harm. And, aside from seeking the support of your physician and a nutritionist, the best way to discover that is to allow a personalized health app like ph360 guide the way.

ph360’s unmatched algorithm uses your body’s measurements and personal health history to assess the specific foods that will help keep you healthy and happy for years to come. It does this by determining which foods you may need to create hormonal balance, stimulate your metabolism, regulate your body’s physiological processes, and improve mood and overall well-being.

Sound complex? It’s as simple as can be, since you’ve got your own personalized FOOD dashboard to tell you the exact foods to eat, as well as those foods to avoid. ph360 can also help you understand the best times of day for you to eat in order to maximize energy and minimize indigestiondrowsiness, and weight gain.

If you’re not yet using ph360, take some time to assess which foods make you feel energized and vibrant, and which foods weigh you down (literally and figuratively). Make a commitment to eat more whole, unprocessed foods, and plentiful fruits and veggies (those that are best for your body). You’ll soon notice a new kind of vitality and lasting energy.

Ready to commit to your longevity and transform your health? Start at! And share this with a veteran you love to honor them this week.

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