Your body recovers from the day during sleep so allowing it time and quality sleep to do that will help keep all your systems strong! If you’re struggling with sleep…

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We know that sleep is important, but how do we make it better?

Here are 3 quick practical tips to help you get a good night of rest.

  1. Give yourself a before-bed routine.

    It may be as simple as writing a to-do list for the morning, washing, listening to relaxing music, and hopping into bed… or it may be more complex. 

  2. Allow your body and mind time to unwind from the day before it’s time to go to sleep.

    Busy people like our Activators may find some gentle stretching helps, Crusaders may need a set time to power-off screens, Guardians might like to chill in front of a movie, Diplomats may like to reflect on the day to let it settle, Sensors might enjoy a warm bath, low lights & quiet, and Connectors may enjoy a good snuggle and a chat.

  3. Get enough physical activity during the day.

    Get a workout in or make sure you get plenty of incidental exercise like taking the stairs, hopping off the bus a stop earlier, going for a walk after lunch or walking with a cart to the shop instead of driving. 

For more ways to get great sleep, delve into your ph360 app! You’ll find plenty of insight as to what helps truly satisfy your body, leaving you fulfilled and ready for rest in each and every day…! 

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