Have you notice the differences between how you process information and others member of your family or company do? Have you noticed that some people are more logical, others procrastinate, some are quick with decisions while others must think things through very thoroughly before making a conclusion? How we respond to our external word is influenced by our inner world, meaning our hormones and natural brain activities. Some people prioritize getting results, where others might prioritize making people feel good. So let’s compare the different biotypes and see how they tend to use their mind and how they differ from each other. 

I have really noticed this difference in my life. I have a daughter who is motivate to get something done by the pressure of deadlines, which is something fairly common in certain Diplomat biotypes. My honey always considers everyone in the group as equally important in their needs, which is common for his Connector biotype, and I can’t stand to do the same task twice. If I wrote a blog post, and it was accidentally deleted, then I don’t want to do it again and I will look for ways to recover it before I will rewrite it, because doing something twice, exactly the same is nearly unthinkable. Not uncommon for my Activator biotype.

If you are a Sensor, or have one in your family, you may notice the sensitivities of the Sensor, because they have a highly attuned nervous system and brain. Sensory input is “louder” for a Sensory.

Or maybe your partner is a Crusader and you wonder how they can skip meal, skip sleep or even skip you if they are focused on reaching a goal. Crusaders have high levels of Dopamine. When their Dopamine is balanced, they can be quite driven to accomplish their goals.

If you had a Guardian as a parent, consider yourself lucky. Guardians are often the most protective, affectionate parents who worry for their family members and are trustworthy and generous when their hormone prolactin is in balance.

Knowing more about our family members helps us to understand them better so we can enjoy better relationships. If you don’t know what biotype your family members are, then send them over to the health type test. They will find out their biotype and be able to read all about common traits and best practices for them. Hopefully they will share the results with you. :- ) 


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