There’s a new wave of medicine sweeping the field that goes beyond preventative care and approaches the power of truly personalized health. It’s called functional medicine. The functional medicine movement began with physicians recognizing that symptoms need to be treated with far more than just a band-aid prescription.

“If you have head pain, we call it migraine. If you have stomach pain, we call it reflux. But those are simply names we give to conditions shared by a group of people,” said Mark Hyman, MD of the Center for Functional Medicine. “The causes might be multiple and different, and thus the treatments should be different and personalized depending on the causes.”

“The key is figuring out the root causes,” he explained. “Functional medicine is the map — the GPS system — that we use to navigate the landscape of chronic disease.”

While functional medicine makes invaluable strides towards a new kind of doctor-patient relationship, what’s missing is the day-to-day. What happens when there’s no one there to route the GPS on a daily basis, and re-route it when detours or changes in direction are necessary?

This is where the support of a personalized health platform like ph360 becomes indispensable. With a tracking system that encourages you to update your progress regularly, and diet, exercise, and lifestyle plans that change each time your enter new information, ph360 fills in the gaps for new levels of support in reaching the goals that you and your physician decide are most important.

The functional medicine perspective is critical—the time has never been better to get to the root causes of the diseases that affect or threaten to affect our health. But functional medicine is only made more powerful through the insight of a system like ph360, which shows you exactly how you can make those changes to which the GPS system Dr. Hyman speaks of is referring.

Above all, functional medicine means bringing healthcare out of the doctor’s office and into the lived, moment-to-moment lifestyle. Functional medicine then, is not just a one-time conversation to have with your physician about symptoms, but an ongoing way of living that supports optimal health.

Providing insights about diet, exercise, career, social situation, environment, and mental state, ph360 is the perfect accompaniment to functional medicine. There’s no need to accept the same old band-aid style treatment at the doctor’s office. It’s time to ask for the kind of care you know you deserve. Because it’s no longer acceptable to take care of yourself only when you’re not well. Every day is a chance to feel better than the day before.

The time has come to thrive, and functional medicine and ph360 are here to help you every step of the way.

Learn more about ph360’s weekly trial for only $19, and get your own personalized health plan up and running.

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