Reversing the chronic disease trend and health without thinking.

By Toni Morberg

There is enough information now available for us, as the human race, to be able to decide to eliminate chronic disease. 45% of the US population is currently battling at least one chronic disease. Chronic disease is responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths. People with chronic disease are the most frequent users of health care in the US and account for 75% of health spending.

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that eliminating poor diet, inactivity and smoking would prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer.

It seems like we are in a dire situation, but we have the power to change it. Each and every individual on the planet can have a profound impact on the state of world health.

Personalized health is an emerging approach for disease treatment that takes into account individual variability in epigenetics, environment, and lifestyle for each person. ph360 is a tool for precision prevention – it’s a web-based platform that can decipher a personalized formula for optimal health for each and every person.

ph360 founder and personalized health expert Matt Riemann explained in his address to the United Nations “we need to shift the focus from healthcare to health, and the in-built principles of prevention and sustainability will help to lay a solid foundation as we collectively work towards the elimination of chronic disease over the coming generations.”

In the year 1900 the average person in the US had life expectancy of 50, by 2010 it was 80. In contrast to this, individual health has been declining for the last 25 years. Due to food, fitness and lifestyle choices, the current generation will be the first facing a shorter lifespan than their parents.

The future health of an individual is not only in their genes but also in the choices they make. Epigenetic influencers – nutrition, activity and lifestyle – can be manipulated and balanced to alter gene expression.  As individuals are all unique, each with our own genetic sequencing. Just as unique must be the specific formula for each individual to achieve personalized health.

ph360 sifts through all of the conflicting information to deliver personalized recommendations.  Science already knows better. Generic advice for the population will not go far enough to address the current epidemic. It simply isn’t working. Harnessing the power of smart health, individuals can influence their own freedom from chronic disease, ensuring it’s not their destiny. By utilizing ph360’s powerful platform, health without thinking can become a reality.

As Matt Riemann explains “Employing scientific calculations of each user’s body measurements, genetic data and health history, ph360 provides a series of food, fitness and lifestyle recommendations and insights customized just for you and designed to deliver optimal health. It’s practical, actionable lifestyle wisdom personalized just for you.” And the revolutionary new TM makes putting that advice into practice a breeze.

It’s what the world needs now. It can reverse the chronic disease trend and it will – once we all, as the human race, decide that enough is enough.

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