Let’s be honest – sometimes life gets busy. Things fall to the side, priorities shift, your health goes off track. You didn’t want it to, but it did.

That’s what happened with me.

I’m a ph360 coach, I’ve worked with our Global Retreats team, I write about personalised health, I talk about it, it’s how I think and see the world.

And my health went off track.

So if you’ve gone off track too, it’s ok. It really is.

Before I had my baby, I felt like I was right on track, having my ‘personalised health pregnancy’ – I posted my last article the morning before he was born!

But then, well, things changed. I went from me life to mum life. My priority wasn’t me anymore. It was my baby.

I knew all the reasons why looking after me was essential for looking after him. But I didn’t. Not enough anyway. It was like I couldn’t. I couldn’t shift my priority to me. It just had to be him.

I deeply understand now the trait most typical for Guardians, and many Diplomats, which is to give and give and not take for themselves. To take care of everyone else before, if at all, themselves. Mothering raised my prolactin levels so I have become much more Guardian-esque in this drive to sacrifice my own needs in favour of my child’s.

But I don’t have a Guardian body which is designed to take more pressure. So there came a point when my Sensor body, and mind, started letting me know when I was sacrificing too much…

We all go off track sometimes. Your reasons could be anything. Kids, work, a move, a relationship. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the reasons, they are valid for you, so there’s no shame in why or how it happened.

So how do we get back on track?

1. Notice your health.

This can be easy to miss or ignore at first, especially if your focus is outward – your kids, your job, or getting through a big challenge that’s happening. We get signals when we start to get off balance though – they can show up physically, mentally or emotionally, or a combination. We all know the signs, but we can often ignore or downplay them and “push on.”

2. What has got you here?

Your obstacle could be really obvious, like a new child. Or it might be a subtle build up of factors that have gradually led you off track without you really noticing. Identifying what made you stop giving your body and mind what they needed helps you prepare to alter it.

3. What can you change?

This is usually where we get stuck. We’ve realised we’re not as healthy as we want to be, we can pretty easily tell what’s getting in the way for us, but then we get stuck knowing what to do about it.

Crusaders, Sensors and Diplomats have more of a tendency to try “take control of a situation” – which can lead to more stress by trying to control things that we can’t. Activators, Connectors and Guardians are more likely to feel like anything you do won’t, or can’t, change what’s happening to you.

The thing is, we don’t need to control our circumstances – we just need to find the ways to work within them. Yes, that’s much easier said than done…which is why sometimes we need some help…

4. Ask for help.

This can be really hard. It was for me. But working with a personalised coach, who could support me in a way that was tailored to me, was what I needed. Yes, even the coaches need coaching. My coach helped me unravel what was going on and how I got there, and helped guide me out again.

5. Make the small changes that will make big differences.

The right change, in the right area of your life, will get you back on track better than having a go at lots of things, or trying to change something that won’t have a big impact on your personal health. For tips on what kinds of health resolutions can make big differences for you, click on your Health Type – Activator, Connector, Guardian, Diplomat, Sensor, Crusader.

6. Get to know your profile.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, or if this is your first time- update your measurements and your profile will be accurate for what you need now to reset. You can always email support@ph360.me with any questions you have at all.

7. Celebrate your successes.

It’s a bit corny and cliche, but it really is true. Getting started is a success. Trying is succeeding. If there’s anything that having a child has taught me, it’s really not about the destination.

Success isn’t in what you complete or conquer, it’s in what you learn, what you try, what you do in the moment with whatever you have available to you.

So if for you it’s just reading an article about health today, that’s great. You’re thinking about what you can do.

You’re on track.

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