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Do you want to lose weight or are you eating a specific way to get healthy? There are hundreds of diets out there, so how do you know which diet is right for you? Many of the current eating suggestions completely conflict with each other. There is the low-fat high-carb diet, the low-carb high-fat diet, and the vegetarian diet which completely conflicts with the Atkins Diet. Take your pick. One diet even claims that you can lose weight by eating only chocolate chip cookies as long as you don’t eat anything else. I heard of this one from a friend who tried it. She lost weight, but not for long. She said the only reason that she lost weight is because she was tired of only eating cookies and so she didn’t eat at all.

The Right Tools for Finding the Right Diet

Finding the right eating plan for getting healthy or losing weight can be very confusing. How do you know which plan will work for you? Some plans work for one person and not for another. I found a way to know the very best eating plan that is specific to your body. I have come across some new technology that helps us answer these very important questions about what is good or not. Technology has come a long way to help us accomplish so much more than ever before and when it comes to health, the tools are starting to hit the market.

I looked into the different health apps online and I tried a few. I am very impressed with a specific health app called ph360. Their website says this: “Your body changes from day to day. You lose weight or gain it, your hair or nails become brittle you get pimples, they go away, you get flaky, you get oily- you are constantly changing. So why would your health plan stay the same? As you update your data in ph360- like the condition of your hair, skin, where you live, your work, your travel and the shape and measurements of your body – ph360 recalculates your recommendations. Always have the access to the most current lifestyle and diet for your body.”

This intrigued me because I have noticed that what worked for me years ago, no longer works best for me now. I wanted a system for my current body. I ordered the online membership and entered all of my personal information. It even asked me for my head measurements, jaw, thigh, waist, feet, etc. It got very specific! After answering a lot of questions, the program gave me a detailed eating plan complete with what specific foods are best for me right now. It also gave me suggestions on my home, career, social, exercise and more.

How ph360 Works

I looked into the technology further by exploring their website. I had to dig around to find the details but after watching some of their webinars I learned that they are using the measurements to determine my ‘biotrend’. I don’t know exactly what that means, but apparently we are all different and we digest food differently too. This program uses Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other modern sciences to know how I digest food so they can tell me which foods will give me more nutrition and help my body function at its optimal. Here is a link to one of their educational videos: http://ph360.me/discoveryseries/

I started using the program for my eating plan and I used a few of the Place and Social suggestions too, which tell me how to make my home and socializing good for my health, like taking time with loved ones often. I might use some ideas from the Talent section in the future, but for now I am focused on getting more energy so I am motivated to move my body more often. So far, I am really impressed. I am sleeping better and waking up earlier. I have lost a couple of pounds and I only wanted to lose a couple. For me it answered the very basic question about what to eat and what not to eat. I definitely was not doing it correctly, according to this program, because I wasn’t eating enough protein. Since I feel better, I am going to stick with this and watch for more improvements.

I believe it is worth others giving it a try. The company is developing the next generation of the technology with a phone app, like Siri for your health, meaning it’s a talking health coach on your phone. They’re calling it Shae™ and I, for one, am intrigued to see how my very own Shae might help me even more with my health.

There is so much information that can totally overwhelm some people. But I’m going for the personalized system, and I am happy with the results. I wish you the best with your quest for the perfect diet. I would love to know what is working for you. To your health!

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