Why You May Want to Reconsider Splitting Meals With Your Friends

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by Diana

Recently I was out with my girlfriend and she asked me if I wanted to split dinner with her. It was a great idea. Neither one of us were that hungry. But I am more aware now of what is good for my body after signing up for ph360. While we were looking at the menu I was remembering what my profile told me and I knew that she and I should eat a different meal. She is very tall with large bones. I am short with small hands and medium to small bones. I learned from the webinars at ph360 that people of different heights and sizes digest food very differently and should eat different food.

How it works.

The program uses modern medical knowledge mixed with ancient wisdom. For thousands of years people from India and China knew that we don’t all digest food the same way. Some people digest raw foods, likes salads, really well and gain a lot of nutrients from them and other people receive more nutrition from well cooked foods because their digestion is shorter and they don’t absorb raw foods well. Some body types digest dairy pretty well while others struggle to break it down.

ph360’s online resources page further explained that we all look different, act different and have unique tastes. Our body shapes vary and so does the way our body breaks down and absorbs nutrients. People who are tall and large boned with bigger skulls digest their food more slowly and are excellent at breaking down raw food. They should consume a diet high in vegetable. People who are lean and thin absorb more nutrients from very well cooked meats and vegetables. And bodies that are short in stature with shorter fingers and limbs have a strong and fast digestion.

We are different on so many levels.

There are many other differences that are common to body shape. For example, people with an oval face tend to have more dopamine to make them very logical and people with a square face tend to be more dominant in oxytocin or prolactin making them more concerned with how other people feel.

There are variations in between these obvious shapes, leaving room for a lot of possibilities and variables. ph360 makes these unique characteristics easy to understand about yourself. Once you sign up and you enter your measurements and other information, the program will tell you all about what is best for you and gives you:

  • a suggested eating plan
  • an exercise plan
  • talents ideas
  • social suggestions
  • and suggestions on where to live

All of the suggestions are specifically for you based on your biotrend, ancestry, phenotype expression (the color of your eyes, hair, skin and more), and other factors the program considers. With the help of this program, you know what you should order for dinner and your dining guest knows what is best for them as well by looking on their own profile.

So how do families eat together at home? From what I see on their facebook page, new users of the ph360 program are adjusting to this healthy way of eating with creative zeal. It sounds like many couples are doing the same thing that we are doing at my home. We make meals with a variety of dishes that one or the other or both of us can eat. We sit down together but add to our plate only what is best for our body. For example, in my home my husband is tall and thin and needs to eat stews and soups. I am short and hour glass shaped, which means that I can eat the same stew and should add in some dry rice or potato. If I were medium to tall with thick bones, I should have only a small amount of the stew and add in a large salad.

But wait! There’s more.

The founder of ph360 is Matt Riemann. He explains a lot about the science behind this and how the system works on the website. He says. “Eating the correct foods helps our bodies receive the most nutrition from the food so we can generate more cells, heal and have the most energy. Enjoying the correct amount of social time for your biotrend, and living at the correct temperature in your home and having the right job benefits you in a similar way to eating the correct diet. Your body just feels better and gets healthier.”

I am especially excited about their next product which is referred to as ‘Siri for your health’. This is a more sophisticated talking app called ShaeTM and it keeps you on track by suggesting when to have meals, what to have, when to exercise, how many hugs you need each day to feel happy and it will even choose music to improve your mood when it senses from your wearable devices that you need it. I can’t wait to get a hold of this app so I can dial in my health and have the best energy. At least that is what I am expecting from everything I read. It is great information on their website and resources page. I think everyone needs this tool. Then we will all feel so good.

Here is the link to their resources on their webpage. Enjoy finding out about yourself, and why not let technology tell you how to feel your best?

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