People usually fall into one of two camps when it comes to weighing themselves: You either live and die by your scale, or you pretend that scales were never invented.

ph360 suggests taking an entirely different approach—taking measurements to get to know your body. While the scale can give you a number to deal with, it can’t tell you much about your body’s unique composition of water, fat, bone and muscle. These elements all have different densities and weights, which means that when you gain muscle you may weigh more but still be healthier. So the next time you’re tempted to judge by the scale, remember that you may do better to take your body’s measurements at home or with the help of a trainer. You’ll learn much more about your fitness level than your bathroom scale will ever tell you.

Not only can your body’s measurements give you a sense of your unique physical proportions, they can also reveal a great deal about your genetic blueprint. The science of using the body’s measurements to assess health and even predict illness and physical imbalance dates back centuries.

Anthropometry—the scientific assessment of your body’s measurements—has been used for thousands of years as a component of health care. In pre-Renaissance Italy, an entire school of medicine was founded with anthropometry at its core.

Today, your body’s measurements remain powerful indicators of your health, hormones and wellness. For example, there is a correlation the ratio of leg-to-trunk length and levels of liver enzymes, and your hip-to-leg ratio might reveal levels of estrogen in your body. These are among thousands of anthropometric correlations that provide data from the outside in.

From measuring your waist to determining your Body Mass Index (BMI), your body’s measurements can be powerful reflections of your health and lifestyle. On a sub-cellular level, while DNA tests may show you whether or not you have certain genes that predispose you to disease, taking your body’s measurements reveals the precise way in which your genes are expressing themselves. Right here and right now.

These ratios not only reveal straightforward details like how much muscle and fat your body is carrying, but may also provide insight about your hormones and neurotransmitters. Understanding more about your hormones can help you manage your weight, sleep, productivity, and improve your overall wellbeing.

So when you’re seeking to make a true change in your body and your life, why not start in the most tangible, quantified arena—your own physical measurements. Discover the wisdom your body’s measurements have in store for you, and free yourself from the vicious cycle of scale shame today on

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