It does sound weird, but that’s what you do every time you eat. If you’re eating right now, you’ve just eaten what you need to build the new you.

For those who need a little reminder – this is what happens when you eat something:

  1. You put it in your mouth where your teeth and saliva start to break it down.
  2. As it slides down your throat and ends in your stomach, a heap of acid comes join it and it continues to be broken down until your stomach passes in down to your intestines.
  3. As it gets pushed along through your intestines, all of the little microscopic molecules come out of the food and are absorbed into your bloodstream. This usually goes on for hours – until all the particles that are small enough to pass through the walls of your intestines are gone.
  4. Then, what’s left of it comes out the other end!

So, once your food is broken down, all the tiny molecules that make it what it was are absorbed into your blood and then taken and deposited where they need to be to do the job they need to do! Now of course we all need different foods because we’re all made up differently – same ingredients, just a different cocktail mix! So finding out the right foods for your body is a crucial part of maintaining health. Luckily for us, technology has finally caught up and programs like ph360 and the revolutionary new ShaeTM can tell you exactly which foods are good or bad for you, and very soon, can order all your personalized meals for you too!

“I ate well for a whole year and now I’ll be healthy for evermore! Er… No.”

Your body uses all the digested molecules as building blocks. All these microscopic amino acids and proteins – no matter what their quality – are used to literally rebuild you from the inside out! Every time that you eat. It’s not a case of – oh, I ate really well for a whole year and now I’ll be healthy for evermore. It doesn’t work like that. Your cells are continuously dying and rebuilding – every second in fact!

All those extra toxic chemicals from pesticides that remain in the fruit and veg are absorbed into your blood.

All the chemical hormones and mutant genes that make foods bigger, plumper, prettier are absorbed into your body.

All the natural goodness from the ugly little organic tomato you just ate also is transferred to become your building blocks – Every time!

“Your cells are continuously dying and rebuilding – every second in fact!”

So unless there is something out of balance in your body and things aren’t working as they should – this is what happens every time you eat. You are creating yourself anew every time you ingest.

Next time you read a label full of numbers or find it difficult to pronounce the 20-letter ingredient on the back of the jar of apples, just remember – those ingredients are what will build the future you. So firstly, make sure you choose the foods that are good for you and try and avoid the ones that are bad. Use ph360 to manage your health or let ShaeTM do the work for you. Secondly, choose those foods wisely. Without added chemicals, without pesticides, as true to their original form as you can, because each time you eat, you’re ingesting the new you.

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