You, Optimized: Why Your Personal Best is All That Matters

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Do you feel like everywhere you look in the media today you see images of people living picture-perfect, idealized lives? Does it seem like their bodies, occupations, and mental states are exaggerated to enhance their appearance—and to make us crave what they have?

In images all around us, thighs and pectoral muscles are airbrushed, people live in fantasy homes on movie sets, and things generally look much better than they are in real life. It can be easy to get caught up in comparison and jealousy when the bar is set to someone else’s best.

But pretend for a moment that you lived in a world where you were not constantly bombarded by unrealistic images of people and their fantasy lives. Imagine you lived in a place where you had the time to focus on something far more fundamental: How you felt on a moment-to-moment and day-to-day basis.

Imagine the only standard you held yourself to was your own personal best.

The personalized health movement is first and foremost about realizing that your personal best is all that matters. Comparing yourself to someone else can not only be destructive, it’s also pointless—no one else on earth has your unique Body Profile. In order to reach your optimal appearance, intellectual capacity, or sense of well-being, all you need to be aware of is what YOUR best looks and feels like. Not anyone else’s.

Your diet, fitness plan, thought patterns and talents should all be matched to your unique needs, as determined by both your genes and your environment. Now is the time to invest in your personal best. Free yourself from the comparison trap and set yourself up to soar in your own right!

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