Today’s personalized health movement means that you have access to more information about who you are—inside and out—than ever before. You can track your heart rate, blood pressure, steps per day, and calories burned in real time. But what does all that data really mean for you, right here and now?

Whether you’re looking to tone muscle, sleep more easily, or discover the foods your body may digest best, taking a personalized approach means you will get the results you want faster than ever before.

Each of us has a unique set of genes, and even two people with the same genetic material (identical twins, for example), can develop differently if they grow up in vastly distinct environments. The technology behind ph360, an online personal health platform, now allows your body’s own measurements and a personalized health assessment to help you make sense of the many components that go into a life healthfully lived: food, exercise, daily patterns, social habits, and much more.

The future of health has arrived—a user manual for your unique body.

This user manual is a resource to turn to anytime you have questions about what to eat, how to exercise, and what social and professional environments suit you best. It’s a safe place to discover more about who you are, and to reassess some of the unhealthy ways in which you may have been living. And more than anything, it’s an opportunity for you to discover who you are, both inside and out.

Gaining knowledge about yourself and what works for your body and mind will support you in every arena of your life. You’ll be better equipped to lose those extra 10 pounds, change career paths, and finally stand up for yourself when you need to. And you’ll be backed not only by the information you see in your ph360 dashboard, but also by decades of scientific insight and the input of international researchers and physicians.

This is the user manual you’ve been waiting for: The key to discovering your own personal best. And for a limited time, you can gain lifetime access for only $97. Start here!

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