Yoga, meditation, a brisk walk, brushing your teeth, showering, breakfast, to do list, emails, feed the cat, take kids to school, make a lunch; there is so much that we can do in the morning, and we want to do it all. The list of potential activities is grand, but the morning doesn’t seem long enough. Soon the demands of the day are taking us out of the morning and whisking us away into the fast paced day. A wonderful morning can set the tone for a great day. That’s why I want to meditate first thing, then do an hour of yoga, have a hot detox bath, clean up, eat a super healthy breakfast, then visit my emails and create my to do list for the day. I don’t have kids at home any longer. I would think I would have time for the perfect morning; alas, how do I make it so?

Shy of getting up two hours earlier, I struggle to find the time I need to create the morning I deserve. The most effective way to get a perfect morning, I find, is to prepare for it. If my to do list is created the day before, and I plan my meetings and calls to begin at 10:00, then I don’t feel stressed about rushing and I can squeeze in the luxury of meditation and yoga. The rest naturally falls into place. I learned to not become stressed if my yoga is only 45 minutes, or my breakfast takes longer. But my life is more flexible than most people that work a 9 to 5 job, or parents with kids at home. How do they find that balance?

I suggest each person decide what are the most important components of their own good morning. Once you know what is valuable to you, create a morning timeline with realistic time slots for the most important activities. When you make what matters to you a priority, then the things that have to get done seem to do so magically. A good start to the day lines you up for success!

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