In my reading preparing for the birth of my baby, I came across this – “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.”

While the article was exploring the flow of childbirth, it says so much not just about how we can come into the world, but how we can continue to live, every day of our lives. We are designed to flow into the world, and to flow through it as we live.

The struggle can be in finding that flow. The idea is gaining popularity, especially in the health and personal development arenas. What most still miss though, is that we do not all flow the same, so any generic advice doesn’t cut it. Is the key to creativity to get up early, or stay up late? Is the key to energy to be found in the stillness of meditation, or the movement of running?

It’s different for each of us.

Just as no river flows the same, and even the same river flows differently at each point along its journey, we too are each unique in how we flow – unique from each other, and unique each day as we continually change.

I’ve been experiencing this first hand in my journey of pregnancy. Because the conditions for flowing keep changing as baby grows, the way I flow changes with each passing week.

While pregnancy is a heightened example of the uniqueness of flow, it is a useful reminder for me. We all look different in flow. And we all flow for different reasons, in different conditions. But each is beautiful and purposeful in it’s own right.

I’ve admired an activator in flow – sweating, puffing from exertion, loading and carrying and shifting bags and furniture with the focus, strength and speed that others lack, totally focused on getting straight in and getting the job done.

I’ve admired a connector in flow – weaving through a group of strangers who have newly met, helping them to let go, to express themselves, effortlessly drawing out new bonds of friendship and trust through shared laughter and fun.

I’ve admired a guardian in flow – steadily venturing out in a new country to bring back an array of foods to comfort and nourish the loved ones who are starting to flake and crumble from exhaustion and pressure, knowing what they all need is just to be selflessly cared for to get them through this hump.

I’ve admired a diplomat in flow – speaking from the heart, words coming forth that inspire and ignite those listening, at once speaking reason to their minds and comfort to their hearts so that they know this is someone who is strong, whom they can trust.

I’ve admired a sensor in flow – quietly observing all that is going on, and in the chaos calmly coming forward to offer a solution, to explain the steps that will help everyone achieve what needs to be done efficiently and thoroughly.

I’ve admired a crusader in flow – sacrificing hours on a task, long after others have grown tired, distracted or disheartened, they are still there, committed to seeing the mission through to the end, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes, they make a way to get it done.

So how do you find your flow?

Your personalised ph360 profile tells you. Your Lifestyle section outlines your ideal daily flow – in two versions actually. One to really focus on your overall daily practice, and a second to help you focus in on your natural genius of your mind and body. Each schedule is completely unique to you, based on your current data. So you can know they integrate your hormonal shifts, your circadian rhythm, your metabolism – everything that influences how you feel, think, and move through your day.

If you haven’t spent much time trying to follow your personalised flow – try it. Start where you can, and see what shifts for you. See what becomes that little bit more flowing.

Life is supposed to be easy, not endless pushing. You’re designed for life. You are designed to flow, in your unique way.

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