3 Fast Ways to Meet Everyone’s Needs in the Kitchen

Shae Shae

A few months ago, we shared 7 ways to keep everyone in your family happy in the food department. Today we’re updating that with 3 new methods for maximum kitchen efficiency.

  • Pre-chop fruits and veggies for the week. The biggest pitfall individuals and families face in the kitchen is not having healthy foods easily accessible. When you’re faced with either a bag of chips or a bunch of carrots with their tops still on them, chances are you’re going to reach for the bag of chips. It’s pretty formulaic: The easiest options wins.That means you need to up your kitchen game by pre-chopping and prepping fruits and veggies for the week and storing them in easily accessible (and preferably see-through) containers in your fridge. If you see a bounty of carrot and cucumber sticks, peach slices, and fresh blueberries peering out from your fridge shelves, you’ll reach right for them. Trust us. It’s really that simple—and delicious.
  • Try a new food each week. Take a few minutes at the dinner table to make eating a fun adventure with your family, and pick a food from one of your 5-star Foods to Eat lists that none of you has tried. Don’t put any pressure on your partner or kids to actually enjoy the food—instead, encourage your family to embark on a food adventure together!Trying a new food together not only opens up everyone’s perspective on fun activities to enjoy as a family, it also teaches your kids that the options for what to eat go far beyond what they’re used to seeing on the table. An adventurous palate never hurt anyone!
  • Go to the farmers market together. A family trip to the farmers market on the weekend is one of the best ways to educate your kids (and yourself) about farming, sustainability, and community. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with what foods are in season, and therefore most delicious, right now.For your kids, the farmers market can be a place where you explore new foods, pick out old favorites, and discover where the foods they love most actually come from. Let everyone pick out something to try as a family, and see how much excitement that brings to the eating process!

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