5 Reasons Beauty Has to Be Individual to Be True

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Throughout history and across cultures, different body types and appearances have been prized in different eras. But the aesthetic standard of beauty defined by today’s mainstream culture does little to take into account the individual components of beauty that truly make you shine.

Here are 5 reasons why beauty has to be individual in order to be true:

1. Our variations give us strength.

We are each born with distinct genetic blueprints—and we all grow up in completely unique environments, which means that comparing your body, mind and lifestyle, or how you look in jeans for that matter—to anyone else’s is rarely beneficial. So take a break from comparison, and instead start learning about the power of your unique qualities. What you consider to be unusual about yourself may just be your greatest strength.

2. Every body looks different in its ideal state of health.

A woman who naturally has curves will never look like a runway model, and vice versa. These beauties are entirely unique, and trying to force one to be the other will only dim the natural beauty that is individuality.

3. Comparison gets you nowhere.

Whether you’re looking at your friends, your family, a movie star, or someone in an ad campaign, it can be all too easy to compare yourself to someone else’s best. But another person’s best will never be relevant to expressing your own gold standard.

4. You look better in the jeans that fit your genes.

Your beauty will never be so vibrant as when you begin living in the way your unique body intended you to. And that’s not just about finding the clothes that look good on you. We each need different diets, exercise styles, and dietary plans to thrive.

5. You look beautiful when you feel beautiful.

Beauty begins within, and it’s important to embrace the unique beauty that is yours, and noone else’s. When you’re confident in your individuality, that sense of ease radiates as beauty.

Discovering what makes you feel great in your own body and mind will empower you to recognize the beauty in yourself—the way your genes intended! Let ph360 help you discover your unique beauty with your own membership!

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