Last week, a CNN report shared the juicy details on how to improve health for a better love life. Since we’re always looking for the best ways to help you integrate ph360 into your life, we thought we’d share some of the report here. And clue you in to how you can use ph360 to maximize your sexual health and minimize sexual dysfunction.

On CNN, Sharon Bergquist from the Emory School of Medicine listed 3 major lifestyle factors found to improve love life: healthy food choices, at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week, and preventative care to avoid chronic disease.

Diet, exercise, and preventative care are all critical factors in maintaining libido and sexual health, and minimizing sexual dysfunction. Bergquist explained that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables maximizes antioxidant intake and helps preserve the lining of blood vessels. This, in turn, improves circulation. Bergquist also asserted that exercising regularly is equally important, as are taking preventative health measures that will prolong life and delay or eliminate the progression of disease.

Yet eating well, exercising regularly, and living a lifestyle that prevents future disease can be trickier than it sounds. Most people know they should eat healthy foods and exercise, but don’t know which foods and exercises are right for their body.

That’s where ph360 comes in. Users are reporting all sorts of benefits, from weight loss to decreased cellulite to elevated mood and improved relationships and sexual health.

Diet, fitness, and lifestyle are each addressed in a targeted fashion by ph360’s online health platform. The software uses each person’s unique body measurements and medical history, as well as their epigenetic blueprint, to determine their optimal foods, exercises, and lifestyle choices. The specific suggestions provided correlate to various epigenetic, hormonal, and healthcare needs.

Bergquist emphasized the importance of knowing which foods not to eat, as an unhealthy lifestyle and diet are correlated with sexual dysfunction. Luckily for ph360 users, the FOOD dashboard provides exhaustive lists of the foods that are ideal or potentially harmful for each person, depending on their body’s distinct needs.

The same goes for the FITNESS, PLACE, MIND, SOCIAL, and WORK dashboards. ph360 uses your body’s unique needs to determine the foods, exercise, and lifestyle that are most appropriate for you at any given juncture.

So the next time you’re ready to seriously rev up your love life, take a few moments to check in on your ph360 dashboard. You might just find the key to your—and your partner’s—happiness awaiting your discovery.

Because personalizing health means giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive, whether that is in the kitchen, at the gym, or in the bedroom. Start today, at!

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