Do DIETS Really Work?

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Now I know you were really hoping that I’d be saying – no, they don’t work, you should never diet! And it’s kind of true – one diet is NOT right for everyone – no matter what anyone wants us to believe.

However,, if you tailor the food that you eat specifically to you, then that specific diet will work for you! It probably won’t work for anyone else, but it will work for you – and that’s the main thing, right?


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“So how on earth do you figure out what’s good just for you?”

Your diet has such an impact on the way you live your life every day – from your body functions to your brain, your diet even affects the expression of your genes! Thankfully technology has now caught up. With programs like ph360 and the revolutionary new ShaeTM, you can find out exactly which foods will keep you looking and feeling fabulous day in, day out!

If your body was large and thick set and you worked on the land, doing physical labour, needing large muscles, with plenty of stamina, to build the fences, to plough the land, to harvest the crops, would you need the same fuel as a fragile, thin body who worked at a desk, with numbers, in an office, and lived in a city? Probably  not – if you were a car you’d probably go Diesel on the land and Electric in the city!

Different foods give us different fuels, and granted, we commonly do lots of different tasks each day. If you look at your specific phenotype – how your genes are activated right now – then you can tailor your fuel specifically to you!

“You wouldn’t feed a wild cat a vegan diet, nor a cow a steak.”

You wouldn’t feed a wild cat a vegan diet, and you wouldn’t feed a cow some steak – their bodies are just not made for it. So why would you feed yourself the wrong type of fuel? I know that is an obvious difference and that the human species has differences that are a little more subtle, but you get the point! Finding out what’s right for you can give you all you need to know – today!


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“So do diets really work?”

When they are personalised specifically for you – definitely! But if it’s anything more general , then unfortunately the answer is: well, maybe to a certain extent… but probably not really!

Simply put, a diet is a collection of foods that you eat to make you feel fantastic, look great and have all the energy you need. Food is what fuels your body so you can continue to live the life you’ve always wanted. If it makes you feel any better, (and usually it’s our mind that rejects it and not our bodies!) think about it like this:

Instead of using the word DIET (Doh, I Eat Tediously) try using FUEL (For Ultimate Energy Levels!).

What FUEL will you put into your body today? Make it the one that’s best for you! Find out what’s right for you with ph360 or pre-order ShaeTM and have it all taken care of for you!


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