Feeding Your Family: 7 Easy Ways to Meet Everyone’s Needs in the Kitchen

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Do you do most of the cooking in a household that has a wide range of dietary demands and taste preferences? Sometimes it can be hard enough to get the food in the fridge, let alone remember who is gluten-free, who is vegan, and who is allergic to nuts.

Here are 7 tips to make it easier and more fun for everyone:

1. Plan out your weekly menu in advance — this makes shopping and preparing a whole lot faster.

2. Write down each person’s diet plan and hang it near your cooking space so that you remember everyone’s needs.

3. Plan meals that can use the same ingredients in a number of different ways, so you can make modifications for each family member, as needed.

4. If someone is allergic to one or two ingredients in a dish, separate their portion before you add in those ingredients.

5. Fire up multiple burners on the stove simultaneously, so that dishes for different family members (maybe grilled tofu for one person and fish for another) can be ready at the same time.

6. Create recipes as you go along, and take notes about your favorite dishes so that you can repeat those winning family hits.

7. Serve something (even if it’s just a bowl of berries) that everyone can eat and share together at every meal—this will give you a chance to get creative and cultivate a sense of togetherness around your food.

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