Today is another rainy day. I have never seen so much rain in Boise Idaho. We had a 32 year record for snow fall this winter, and now this high mountain desert is receiving more rain than we can remember, and it is taxing the patience of this outdoor-oriented community. April is the time of year when we can ride our bike, hike in the hills and play tennis while it is not too hot. Those are all challenging to do in the rain. Plus our river is so full that it is flooding the banks. Floating the rivers will likely be delayed this year. What was Mother Nature thinking when she sent us all this rain?

I can’t answer what Mother Nature was thinking, but I can decide what I will do during this wet month of spring. Generally, I would be out hiking, because that makes me happy. Hiking is in my top five favorite activities in life. I do it as much as I can justify. But the trails are muddy and wet now, so what can I do when it is raining that feels as good as hiking and makes me happy? I can meditate.

If you have never meditated successfully, reaching the point of pleasure rushing through your body, then you might not get what I mean. Eleven years ago I didn’t get it either. I literally couldn’t meditate. I didn’t know how, or why, to meditate. I did try, somewhat, not knowing what I was actually trying to do. Then one day a body worker, healer, mystic, whatever we want to call her, did a process on me. The process is called The Reconnection, but I know that other processes have worked for lots of different people. The trick was that she got my body to relax enough, and my brain waves to slow enough so that I entered a theta or possibly a delta state of consciousness. That may sound profound, but most of us sleep at theta, so not such a big deal, right? But, I was awake in theta. While my brain bathed in theta or delta frequencies, it felt like floating in pure love and peace. I did not have one single care in my brain or body. Those minute of reprieve from the chatter in my head, in total silence, free of all fear, free of all pain and judgment were blissful; better than happiness, it was heaven.

After my session with the magical mystic, I said, “Teach me how to do that. I have to go back to that place.” After all if did feel like a place that I had never been before. She taught me how to concentrate on my body, the sensation in my body, and how to be aware of my bones, skin, blood moving, heart beat, breath and all of it. She taught me to concentrate on one area of my body and follow a meridian line from my big toe, gradually up my body, to the top of my head.

It took practice, for sure, but because I had been there I knew what I was shooting for. I worked on my concentration and feeling my body sensation. Once I could feel them, then all that I had to do was to follow the sensation in my body. I just paid attention to them; I was present with the function of my beautiful, complicated vehicle I live in. Thirty minutes later, I was floating in blissful pleasure, not wanted to return to the beta waves that make me think of putting out the garbage can, collecting the mail, renewing my driver’s license or returning all those calls at work. Eeks. Let’s just meditate and float in bliss!! Why not? Reprieve!!

So, if this is a rainy spring for you, find a mystic, and go to heaven for thirty minutes, or treat yourself to an hour. Mmmmmm.

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Today is another rainy day. I have never seen so much rain in Boise Idaho. We had a 32 year record for snow fall this winter, and now this high mountain desert is receiving more…

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