I’m in love! The sky is brighter, the bird’s song is pure magic, fluffy cloud make me laugh out loud and a big smile is stuck on my face. I have felt this feeling before, but how soon I forget. The dark, cold winter faded my memory. Yet I don’t worry, I am renewed again with my love of spring. Spring is early this year; perhaps that why I feel my love so strongly. The hills are shifting from yellow to green a month ahead of schedule. Twenty robins filled the tree outside my window before I knew what was coming. They knew, and whispered it to me. They said, “The beauty and activities you love the most will soon be here.” I laughed with joy. Gardens, flowers, hiking, biking, camping, sun dresses, warm evenings, barefoot toes, open windows and playing in the water are on their way. Warm weather feeds my soul.

What feeds your soul? We are not all alike. The winter makes some people most happy with cooler temperatures and possible snow activities. Others prefer the rain, moisture and the familiar blanket of grey skies. I have friends who prefer the city with the sounds of traffic, movement, technology, growth and activity of many people. I’ve always said that I am more comfortable alone on the top of a mountain than driving in traffic. What lights your fire?

It never occurred to me that a season, temperature or place could affect my health, other than to change my mood. I didn’t know until recently that some people need moist air where others need dry for optimal health. Information about the correct climate or setting affecting ones well-being never crossed my path until a friend introduced me to PH360. When I filled out my own profile I learned that I was living in an environment that was not ideal for me. It worked out for me to move, and that transition had a profound effect on my body.

It makes sense when I think about how I feel during the warm weather. I am happy, energized, motivated and vital. When it’s cold during the winter, and grey for weeks on end, I find myself huddled indoors to stay warm and craving the sunshine. The outdoors is my playground, which I miss during the winter. Skiing is just not enough to keep my outside as much as I prefer. When I review how my body feels during each season, I can see how temperature and less sun changes how well I feel.

Open spaces, views of nature, travel, adventure, change, plus bringing wood, stones and pieces of nature into my living space are all suggestions for me on my PH360 Place Section. Avoiding cold winds, high altitude, waterfall and pine forests are more suggestions. How does a simple intake form tell a computer program what environment is best for me? How is it so correct? A lot of accurate algorithms are required, and the results are amazing. Are you living in your optimal environment? Find out what environment is right for you by getting your own PH360 profile at www.ph360.me

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