Robotic hands produced by digital printers. Therapy on the go via mobile phone. Contact lenses that sense blood sugar levels. Personalized health has gone truly technological. But are all these future health technologies actually making life easier? It depends on how they’re used.

Dr. Robert Pearl of Stanford University commented, “These wristbandssensorsheadsets and even ‘smart clothes’ can obtain and transmit huge amounts of data on anything from heart rhythms to blood pressure. But there’s little evidence those wearing them overcome abnormal heart rhythms or elevated blood pressures better than those who don’t.”

As alluring as the concept of futuristic health tech transforming our lives for the better may be, it’s yet to be integrated fully into user’s lives. Dr. Pearl explained, “Physicians would love a tool that truly helps patients better manage their diet, exercise and stress levels. Many applications available today claim to modify behavior through alerts, reminders and real-time feedback, but few have demonstrated measurable success.”

While investing in wearables like the FitBit or Jawbone could be valuable, it may be more important to find a technology that actually knows what to do with your data. Particularly as new products like the Apple Watch and HealthKit app come to market, a health tool that can provide targeted guidance about diet, health, and lifestyle is more important than ever. Information is interesting, but doesn’t do much to help you change your habits. This is where the development of a personalized health app like ph360 becomes more critical than ever.

As a personalized health app that integrates the cutting edge technology of epigenetic science (the study of how your genes are expressed) with endocrinology (the study of hormones) and nutrition, ph360 has the unique capacity to provide individualized diet and health plans that reflect the data harvested by wearables. The web-based app is designed to be used in concert with treatment from healthcare professionals, augmenting the relationship an individual may have already established with their physician.

ph360 is powered by an algorithm that uses anthropometry—the scientific assessment of the body’s measurements—to determine what each individual needs to thrive. Recommendations for foods to eat and foods to avoid, specific exercises for distinct body structures, and suggestions for the best environments and professional and social situations will support revitalized health for both body and mind.

So while we can all marvel at the most recent developments in health technology, the path to lasting health starts with actionable insights. Synthesizing scientific discovery and ancient wisdom, ph360 offers the best of both worlds. Data grounded in everyday life. Ready to help you become the best version of yourself.

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