Our bodies are miraculous things, but how often do you listen to yours?

Many people are disconnected from what their body is telling them, as they are been ruled by their minds, listening to endless stories of guilt about the past or worrying about the future and the only time they become aware of their bodies is when something is not working correctly and they experience pain or breathlessness.

One reason so many people struggle with their weight is they are not listening to the signals that tell them they are full.

Your body is capable of telling you all sorts of things.  Here are a few:

  • Whether you have had enough to eat
  • Whether you are hot or cold
  • What emotions are you feeling.
  • Whether something is the right thing to do or not (gut instinct)
  • Whether you like someone or not
  • Is it safe or is it dangerous
  • That part of your body is not working effectively

Learning to connect to your body not only gives you much more information with which to run your life, but it also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

To connect to your body, take a few moments of quiet time:

  1. Breath in and out mindfully 2-3 times, letting the breath sink all the way down into your abdomen.
  2. Be aware of how your body is feeling.
  3. Feel your bottom on the chair, your feet on the floor, the position of your hands and whether you have pain, discomfort or areas of tension.
  4. What ever you feel is ok and listen to see if your body tells you it needs something, such as a change of position; something to eat or drink; or the need for some exercise or relaxation time.

Practice this throughout each day and let me know what you are noticing.  Acknowledging pain and discomfort is more likely to reduce it than trying to ignore it, as what you resist persists.

Exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and dancing can help you learn to be more in your body.

Connect with your body and enjoy!

Pam Lob

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