Just last week, a new study revealed that there is a strong positive correlation between abdominal fat and breast cancer risk in women. While this may be particularly challenging news for postmenopausal women, the value of a personalized health program like ph360 is now more evident than ever. Not only does ph360 provide you with the opportunity to regularly measure yourself to assess changes in abdominal fat, it also uses that information to provide personalized weight loss plans that adjust with you over time. This translates to support at every stage of your life.

Dr. Usha Menon, head of the Gynaecological Cancer Research Center at University College London, studied 92,834 postmenopausal women for over three years. The study found a clear correlation between weight gain around the abdomen and increased breast cancer risk. Dr. Menon reported, “The mechanism between increased abdominal fat and increased breast cancer risk needs to be better understood…Mechanisms put forward include sex steroid hormones, insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Previous studies suggest that body fat around the waist is metabolically more active than fat tissue elsewhere in the body.”

Hormone balance, blood sugar levels, inflammation, and weight loss are all targeted features of ph360, which uses the science of anthropometry to derive relevant weight loss suggestions for each user. Using your measurements, health history, and lifestyle data, ph360 applies an advanced science-based algorithm to transform these data points into personalized diet, fitness, and weight loss plans.

The Gynaecological Cancer Research Center’s research study tracked each woman’s weightheight, and reproductive and lifestyle history in order to assess changes in weight—not just in those three years, but from their 20s onward. Researchers also took note of family histories of breast and ovarian cancer, smoking and drinking habits, and use of hormone replacement therapy. They found that an increase in one skirt size every 10 years led to a 33 percent rise in the risk of breast cancer post-menopause, while an increase in two skirt sizes every 10 years led to a 77 percent rise in risk.

Studies like these, which clearly show the link between hormones, disease, and other physiological processes with certain body measurements – such as waist size – illustrate the importance of prevention options based on balancing hormone levels and empowering individuals to reach their optimal weight. ph360 is built on a foundation of endocrinology, which is the science of hormones, anthropometry, which is the science of body measurements, and epigenetics, which is the science of DNA changes brought on by external factors. Dr. Menon’s research expands the reach of ph360’s work as a pioneer in the personalized health sector.

You have the power to change the way your body feels, looksm and heals, starting right now. The more you know, the better equipped you are to transform your health and prevent diseases like breast cancer. Discover your own personalized weight loss plan and decrease your risk of breast cancer at ph360.me!

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