Making it Personal: Why One Size Does Not Fit All for Your Health

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For decades, we have relied on brief encounters with the medical establishment to help us heal and keep us healthy. We take prescription medicines to resolve symptoms of disease, and we follow the latest trends in fitness and food to lose, gain, or maintain weight. If everyone is doing it, we may as well follow suit—despite the fact that we know our bodies, our genes, and our lives are each entirely distinct.

Why do we succumb to “one size fits all” in an arena as important as our health? Early on in our lives, we learn not to ask too many questions about our own distinct health goals, largely because personalized answers were unavailable. Today, all of that has changed.

Personal health no longer has to be a mystery or a privilege. It’s a right. You have a right to know the foods, exercise habits, and lifestyle choices that will help you be your best self. You have a right to understand your body’s very own user manual.

Using your body’s own measurements and an individualized health assessment, you can access a lifestyle blueprint that is uniquely your own. Because personal health is not just about getting to know yourself and your body, it’s also about understanding the precise health challenges you may face, and taking action to prevent them from becoming a problem.

This is healthcare as it was intended to be: A system that supports you in making the personalized, moment-to-moment choices that will help you thrive. When you know the specific foods, exercises, daily patterns, and even social habits that make you feel most alive, you are free to eliminate what doesn’t work. For the first time ever, your health is truly your own.

Backed by the power of technology and the insight of your own genetic blueprint, you stand at the brink of your own personal health revolution. Are you ready to make it personal?

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