Putting yourself first!

I can feel you squirm at the very idea. Women especially find it extremely difficult to put themselves first, believing it is selfish or egotistical. For many women, we are at the bottom of the pile of children, partner, work, family and every other commitment or responsibility. But, when you fly and the flight attendant is doing the safety briefing they are very clear that in the event of loss of cabin pressure and the deployment of oxygen masks, to ALWAYS put your mask on first BEFORE helping anyone else. This is because if you help someone else first, you are unlikely to have the strength to help yourself  – and then you are not helpful for anyone!

The same should be true for the rest of your life. If you fill yourself up first you have the strength, energy and will power to do whatever you want in your life, including helping and supporting others. If helping others comes from a want that comes from your heart, rather than a should, or a must do from your mind, it’s helping to fill you up. Make sure you have plenty of  ‘me time’ everyday to stay fit and healthy and able to help others – and don’t be afraid of receiving help in return, or saying NO if something is overwhelming or doesn’t feel right to you.

Everything starts with you. Love yourself from within so you can radiate it out to everyone you meet and through everything you do.  By loving yourself first, you shine more brightly and are able to give so much more to others.

Getting away from your desk and giving yourself a break for just a few minutes might help you increase productivity and creativity. Small things like coming in from work or the school run and sitting down with a cup of tea before starting the supper, chores,  or homework can be considered as me-time. Those instances that help you recharge. It’s not only giving yourself a break, but other family members as well. When you are out in nature, pause and soak up your surroundings and feel replenished by the elements. Or go the whole way and take some hours or even days to yourself to recharge.

Remember, put your oxygen mask on first. Don’t feel guilty about it – it’s merely what you need to do to be the best version of you for yourself and the others in your life!

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